Iridium Eye New Years Post Pt. III: Thoughts on Reviewing and Other Subjects

This is my final article about the New Year and with the future of Iridium Eye.

I want to thank anyone who’s ever read my reviews and those who follow this page. Iridium Eye is a tiny blog, but I appreciate the support whenever I get it.

Iridium Eye was started because I wanted to have a platform where I can talk about my rekindled enjoyment of film. I also wanted to be honest, intelligent, and hone my writing skills. The thing is I was tired of all the mainstream movies that are so formulaic. I wanted to focus on media that’s overlooked most of the time. However, I didn’t want to limit myself to a type of cinema or genre. I wanted to cover indie films, documentaries, foreign films, anime, short films, and other things. It was frustrating not seeing bloggers talking about the movies I’ve been watching or re-watching over the past year, so I decided to step up and talk about what I’ve seen as opposed to so many reviewers only focusing on the mainstream stuff. I was surprised by the positive feedback I’ve been getting with some of my posts.

Even though Iridium Eye has been cathartic for me, I do admit that not everything has been perfect on this front. I feel like I’m the outskirts of various fandoms as the film critics I stumble across don’t pay attention to all this rich cinema around the world. That and so many of them get paid of by major companies and go soft on certain films. I couldn’t find anyone to talk to about documentaries and some of the docs I’ve covered are controversial, too. There’s anime where most of my traffic comes from. It’s cool some anime fans like my reviewing style when I cover Japanese animation, but I’m really out of the loop when it comes to the newer shows and I feel like I don’t belong to all of these aforementioned fandoms. It’s also tough having a conversation talking about obscure anime or even older series/movies when I barely know anyone who also knows about the things I review. I don’t want to be labeled or put in a box, but I realize there isn’t much crossover between someone who likes certain types of films. It’s a miracle that anyone would want to read my reviews every Saturday when they’re posted on this blog.

I’m going to keep at it with these reviews despite my hectic schedule and other creative projects. There will be three reviews up tomorrow. I hope you all keep on checking out Iridium Eye. I enjoy writing reviews to some of the best movies and series you probably haven’t heard of.

I have a few questions for you.

What do you like about my review style?

Is there anything I can improve on in this blog?

What content would you like to see on Iridium Eye? (No, I’m not going to review mainstream movies on here. Sorry)

Thank you,

-Curtis from Iridium Eye

Photo of Quito Cityscape by me. Check out for other photos I took.© 2017 Curtis Bell

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