200 Likes and a Month-long Blogging Challenge


This happened to me not that long after I posted my last 3 reviews on Saturday. Could there really be 200 likes on my articles so far? I couldn’t believe it.

Thank you to everyone who’s checked out my reviews on Iridium Eye! I know I don’t review the most popular movies or series out there, but it’s a blessing to know that there are people who actually like what I do.

Now that I got this out of the way. I gave myself a challenge throughout March. Every Saturday starting that month up until the first week of April. I’m tackling a 70s samurai movie series.

Which series, you ask?

I’ll be reviewing all 6 Lone Wolf and Cub films.

I thought I would go into it blind and give myself a film review challenge that lasts me a while. There will still be reviews on the other subjects I cover, so don’t worry about that though.

Thanks, everyone!


    • Thank you so much! That’s cool how you like samurai. The last samurai movies I’ve reviewed were the Yojimbo movies way in the early days of this blog. It would be fun to get back into rewatching some Kurosawa films again. Haha!

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    • Thank you very much, Irina!

      Oh yeah. When I researched the series, I found out that there were multiple movies, TV series and remakes of all kinds. Another interesting fact is that the creator of Road to Perdition called his series an “unabashed homage” to this samurai manga/film series.

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      • Yup. At least the creator admits that he got inspiration from Kazuo Koike. I have a crazier fact about the movie version of Road to Perdition. The story takes place in Illinois and they filmed it in different parts in that state. That’s actually my home state and they filmed parts of it in a town just twenty minutes away from my hometown where they recreated a downtown area to look like 1920s America and it was on the way to one of the schools I attended during my childhood. That and a church organist at a church I used to attend to played a bit part as a librarian for a few seconds.


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