Iridium Eye Turns 1 Year Old! Brief thoughts, some thanks, and a flashback to my first review ever with Theeb.


Happy Birthday, Iridium Eye! [blows noisemaker]

Wow, I can’t believe it. My little blog is now a year old. This is amazing and I’m surprised I made it this far since I had my own doubts. However, updating this blog and writing content has been very therapeutic for me over the past year. My friends have told me that I have been more assertive and more enthusiastic about things in real life. That and also being interested in watching the obscure content I cover on here.

I am thankful for anyone who follows this blog and anyone who’s ever bothered to read my ramblings on indie movies, foreign films, anime, documentaries, short films, and some art house stuff that’s all outside of the Hollywood zeitgeist.

As a writer, Iridium Eye has helped me to become a well-oiled machine. In addition to writing fiction and bios, I know I’ve improved in critiquing films despite my background in that subject. I’m not just an author, film critic, or an aniblogger. I AM A WRITER THROUGH AND THROUGH! This is my way of improving in my craft while talking about stuff I’ve watched.

Image result for theeb

As a flashback for many of those who haven’t read my older reviews, I’m going to give you all a (re)introduction to the first movie I’ve ever reviewed. Not everyone knows this, but the first movie I’ve ever reviewed was Theeb. This is a movie from Jordan that was nominated for an Oscar which was huge for multiple reasons. It was a fun and interesting Middle-Eastern take on the Western genre, but you can read all of my thoughts here. Even though it’s not my best review from a writing or technical standpoint, I will keep it for posterity and one can hopefully see the growth since day one.

Thank you, everyone!

-Curtis Monroe

All photos property of their respective owners and used under US “Fair Use” laws. The candle photo is from Pixabay and is property of Riteshman. The Theeb screenshot is from The Film Experience and is property of Film Movement.


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