Iridium Eye Flashback: Kimba the White Lion

Kimba Caesar Moon
Here’s the 3rd flashback post in my monthly series. As you might know, I want to expose my followers and the occasional online passerby to some of my reviews that I’ve posted earlier in Iridium Eye.

Much like last month’s post of featuring Haibane Renmei, I’ve got another anime that deserves to be mentioned. This month’s Iridium Eye flashback involves one of the oldest Japanese animated TV shows: Kimba the White Lion!

Also known as Jungle Emperor Leo in Japan, this old-school anime series has been beloved in that country for decades. I know I mention this in the fun facts section, but this was the first anime series to be created in color when it debuted in 1965. This was a huge deal in Japan as this adaptation from Osamu Tezuka premiered on TV. Know your roots, otaku and animation buffs.

I had heard of this series a long time ago, but I didn’t watch it until a couple of years ago. It was certainly a fun retro anime to check out. I was also gladly surprised by the depth of the show despite some of the flaws. Yes, I did see the dubbed version, but I would like to see it in it’s original Japanese version at some point. The Kimba review was fun for me to write and I enjoyed researching things about Tezuka’s famous lion. However, I was initially nervous posting the review because this was the first post I put on Iridium Eye where I thought I was going to get trolled hardcore and/or get death threats (more on that reasoning later).

Despite being into more serious and more mature media, I did find some likable qualities with Kimba the White Lion and it was enlightening seeing this hidden gem in Japanese animation history. I enjoyed the usage of morality and the usage of some mature themes despite the G-rated content of the series. Anyone who wants to see more family-friendly anime or wants to know what anime was like back in the 60s should check out Kimba the White Lion.

Remember that comment about getting verbally trashed about talking about this anime? Yes, I was concerned. Why, you ask? For those of you who have watched or at least heard about Kimba, it’s because I talk about THAT controversy associated with this anime. Come on, I can’t see how anyone can watch this anime and not think about that other movie. For those of you who know absolutely nothing about Kimba, I have to tell you an uncomfortable truth. There is a very certain Hollywood animated film franchise that literally wouldn’t exist without Tezuka’s anime, yet the creators of said film franchise still haven’t acknowledged influence or paid royalties to this day. HINT: The picture you saw involves a distressed Kimba talking to his murdered father’s ghost that’s in the sky. Yeah…I know both media properties aren’t 100% alike in their respective screenplays, but Hollywood was too prideful in admitting how they got the ideas for several characters, storylines, and scenes.

Iridium Eye statistics for Kimba the White Lion:

-oldest anime TV series review (1965)
-2nd most read review in 2017 (#1 is A Stork’s Journey), but #1 most read anime review on Iridium Eye
-2nd oldest anime property reviewed
-Longest anime series review (52 episodes)
-Highest word count for a review in 2017 (2,555 words)

Feel free to check out this review here

Now that you took a glance at this little flashback, here are some hints for the next reviews that will be posted on Saturday.

-A short film from Kosovo that came out a few years ago.
-A documentary that involves ballet and some aspiring dancers competing.
-A Swiss/French claymation/stop motion animated film that deals with an orphan lead character.

-Curtis Monroe

All photos used under US “Fair Use” laws. Kimba the White Lion is property of Tezuka Productions and Nozomi Entertainment. The image is from the US Kimba fansite via the Internet Archive and is property of Nozomi Entertainment.

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