Temporary Hiatus Break: Bad News and Good News

Wow! Has it really been months since I posted anything on here?

I do apologize since I’ve been insanely busy all this time. Things get in the way like life, working, education, other projects, and so on. It’s been quite rough this year so far, but I have to inform you about some things.

BAD NEWS: I am still taking a break from writing reviews. I do have notes from the things I’ve watched over the past few months, but don’t expect anything new in that regard for a while. This hiatus is undetermined at this point in time.

GOOD NEWS: I want to have a Q & A post on Iridium Eye! Ask me a question in the comments section and I will promote your blog in the Q & A post when I get enough responses. Here’s the deal with this Q & A post.

-Please keep the questions about non-mainstream movies, documentaries, anime, and short films, Iridium Eye itself, blogging, or about reviewing media.

-Please keep it civil with your questions.

-For research, I would STRONGLY recommend reading at least 5 of my reviews of different genres or types of media I cover on my blog.

-Please don’t send me review requests. I’m crazy swamped as it is and I choose what I want to review in the future.

-Be creative with your questions. I don’t want just basic inquiries or the same old same old over here. Have fun, be respectful, and find out what makes Iridium Eye the unique reviewing blog that it is.

Thank you.


  1. Reblogged this on Ospreyshire's Realm and commented:

    Iridium Eye is temporarily back up for a Q & A post! Ask some questions about me as a reviewer in regards to obscure movies, anime, docs, etc, and I will cross-promote your blog! Have fun with asking questions, but please keep it civil. See details of this post.


    • Thanks. I’m not sure when I’ll come back, but I’ll let everyone know when I figure out when I’ll type more reviews.

      I’ll answer your question in this separate post. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks. This break from reviewing has happened for a long time now given the whirlwind of activity that’s happened to me for a while. Feel free to check out the reviews I’ve written on Iridium Eye though. You might find something you like. Yes, I did review Birth of a Nation (2016) for example, but I’ve watched so many films and docs from 6 continents.

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    • Thanks. It would be fun to review again and having the time to do so.

      I’ll answer that in this separate Q & A post. I hope more people come and ask me questions on here like those familiar with Iridium Eye.


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