If you like Iridium Eye a latte, then I now have Ko-fi!


Okay, please forgive the pun in the title. I just got a Ko-fi account for Iridium Eye Reviews.

Some of you are probably asking this: “What the heck is a Ko-fi account?”

Ko-fi is a platform where you can donate some money to content creators. Unlike other similar sites, you don’t have to make a huge commitment. You can donate in $3 increments as one-time donations which is roughly the cost of coffee in most places. Okay, I could make a joke with how certain coffeeshops have more expensive coffee than the minimum donation amount, but I’ll spare that for you. Basically, if you like what I do here covering obscure movies, documentaries, anime, short films, etc, then I would appreciate you chipping in a few bucks. Iridium Eye has been a labor of love since it combines my affinity for writing and allows me to utilize more of my film background in a platform where I can be honest about my opinions. This could allow me to be more consistent with my content and even add some new features in the future if things go well.


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