Temporary hiatus from reviewing

This is unexpected, but I have to get my priorities straight.

I’m taking a break from reviews for the time being. There have been things going on such as working on my fiction projects and trying to prioritize things going on in my life. Also, to be brutally honest with you after watching and reviewing Preying Missionaries, I got sick of so many things going on. Seeing that Kenyan documentary was so depressing and it shows just how apathetic and hateful humanity is in this world. You care more about what anime is coming out this season or the newest movies in Hollywood compared to orphans getting raped and tortured while their oppressors get away with it? If so, then get out of my blog. Seriously, there’s so much evil in this world. I may write some posts here and there, but I’m just tired with what’s going on in the world and with how shallow people can be online and real life.

Sorry about this my followers, I just need time to reconvene and to work on my own things.


  1. I hope you can recover. I remember the several (continuing!) waves of disillusionment I’ve gone through. The first was terrible, and they seem to get worse. I think the only thing that’s more more dismaying than what you described?

    The fact It’s not the only example.

    Thing is, you have to find a way to deal with it, or you can’t do your part to stop it.

    I love fiction so much because it gives me a filter that helps me contextualize stuff like this. What you’re describing reminds me of an Aragorn quote from The Return of the King: “For she was pitted against a foe beyond the strength of her mind or body. And those who will take a weapon to such an enemy must be sterner than steel, if the very shock shall not destroy them.”

    Encountering evil has that kind of impact on me; sounds like it’s the same for you.

    Find your way to be sterner than steel.

    You do good work here. I know that it’s become a cliche, but I’ve seen too many examples to not accept this observation as fact: You just don’t know the impact your words will have. You only said you’re taking a break from reviews, but even your reviews can have a positive impact.

    Or maybe you want to turn your efforts elsewhere. I just hate the idea that the darkness might claim another victim! And to get back to the LOTR references, we’re fresh out of athelas…

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    • Thank you, Terrance. I have some things to say about what you said.

      For starters, I appreciate you wanting me to recover. I’m better now compared to how I was when I made this post. It’s good that you see where I’m coming from as for as those waves of disillusionment is concerned.

      I do have to deal with this jadedness in me, but it’s really tough especially with all of these societal ills plaguing this world. I’ve certainly commented on those aspects in my reviews of all media (live action films, docs, and even anime). Maybe it’s rubbed off on some readers or not, but I wanted to let those issues be known if they were relevant to what I reviewed.

      You won’t get any disagreements from me about fiction. I can say that since I’ve written several books with my own worlds. This was my way of expressing various things such as deconstructing fantasy/fairy tale tropes (Revezia series), out-of-genre experiences (Hollanduscosm series), addressing things such as racism, colonization, war, and various sociopolitical issues going on.

      It certainly is, and I’m glad you feel that way. I need to find a way to be sterner than steel.

      Thank you. I’ve questioned how much I had an impact on Iridium Eye. It’s certainly my most viewed blog compared to others, but I wondered how much I really impacted people in the right ways. It’s a small niche blog, you know. I’m not giving up on reviews though.

      You’re partially right. One reason involves some more of my fiction projects and even music as Ospreyshire. Like you, I hope that the darkness doesn’t take over despite my underlying sadness and anger with certain parts of my life and what I know (long story).

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