No One [2019 Lewis Brown Short Film] Review

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 2.10.59 PM
Genre: Action
Year Released: 2019
Distributor: Lewis Brown 242 Films

Origin: Republic of Congo

Running Time: 7 minutes
Rating/Recommended Audience: PG-13
Related Films/Series: N/A
For Fans Of: Corruption [Pascal Aka Film], City on Fire, Microbe, When There’s Smoke
-No One is Streaming on YouTube

Fun Facts:

-Director Lewis Brown has made music videos for MC Bilair, Kharkov, and The Nkoua to name a few.

-The Republic of Congo (not to be confused with its next-door neighbor the Democratic Republic of Congo) has a population of over 5 million people and it’s capital/largest city is Brazzaville.

Yes! I got another country down for one of my reviewing goals for 2019! This is still going to be a thing until I beat my geography goal, and it’s been particularly tough finding something from this particular country. As one could see in the Origin and Fun Facts section, I’m taking on a short film from the Republic of Congo AKA Congo-Brazzaville. For those not too familiar with geography, there are two Congolese countries in Africa (long story), but this time I’m dealing with the smaller Congo when it comes to movies. You’ve seen me review multiple films made or co-produced in the DRC such as Hatuko Watumwa, Felicite, and Benda Bilili! to name a few, but I thought it was time for Congo-Brazzaville to shine when I finally found a film made in the green, yellow, and red.

Show me what you got, Lewis Brown.

No One is an action film where a man is chased around town by some hoodlums. They all fight, but the man gets captured by them. He’s eventually tortured, but someone is about to come to his rescue which is tied to some fancy bracelet used as collateral. how will everyone fare in this knockdown drag-out fight in the small Central African nation?

For some reason, No One felt like a short kung fu movie that just happened to take place in the Congo which was surprising, yet it kept me wanting to see how things would turn out. The fight scenes get very intense throughout the whole film. It certainly has an edgy vibe with the run-down neighborhood, gritty atmosphere, and the torture scenes get intense. There are even some alliances that switch later on in the short film which were certainly surprising. The color palette reflects this with earth tones and with reds even without the scenes with blood.

No One does get punch drunk in execution. I had no idea who these characters were and why they would all be fighting or whose side they were on. Seriously, no one had a name that I could point to. The ending does get very morbid and it really doesn’t help some of the imagery with gang violence or crime in Congo-Brazzaville which is bizarre since that country has a growing economy even though it’s not perfect. The subtitles were poor in their translation despite there being not too many scenes of dialogue. Even though I can handle low-budget filming, I do think No One was trying to be way more dramatic than what it actually was since it had a threadbare plot.

This Congolese short film was disappointing. If this was a scene in part of a larger movie, then I might have been more forgiving, yet the lack of context and plotting really hurt. The fight scenes were entertaining even if they lead to a questionable ending for this film. No One may have been an exercise in making a short film, but there should’ve been more substance in it.

Adjustable Rating System:

Add 1 point if you enjoy action movies and fight scenes.
Subtract 1-3 points if you want something with substance.


-Good fight scenes
-Nice coloration and tonal palette
-Unpredictable twists


-Dubious ending
-Unfortunate implications with the violence
-Unnamed characters

Final Score: 4/10 points

Content Warning: No One is fine for teens and up. This is violent and fight scenes get bloody. The body count is also quite high and (spoiler alert) this could tie into the title. Guns, fists, and machetes are used.

-Curtis Monroe

All photos property of their respective owners and used under US “Fair Use” laws. No One is property of Lewis Brown. The screenshot is from YouTube and is property of Lewis Brown.

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