300+ Posts Special: Top 7 Random Facts About Me as a Film Aficionado and Critic

As of last Saturday, I have made over 300 posts on Iridium Eye. Wow, did I really post that much on the blog despite some of my hiatuses? This is unbelievable to me. I thought I would do something special for a time like this. I haven’t made a Top 7 list in a long time, so here’s a list involving me getting into film and for critiquing things.

7: What got me into indie and obscure films

The earliest memory of me watching an indie film was when I discovered OT: Our Town when I was a teenager renting DVDs from a local library when I lived in another town at the time. While that documentary hasn’t been great in hindsight, I wanted to check out more of the works from Film Movement and I thought it was awesome as a geography nerd that they covered movies from all over the world even to this day. I’m sure that company still has the most representation on this blog. Haha! People only knew me as just an otaku then, but I had this secret passion for live action movies that Hollywood didn’t cover.

6: What got me into anime

The first anime I ever watched in my life was Teknoman which is the English dubbed and edited version of Tekkaman Blade. I thought it was really interesting even though I knew nothing about that. Eventually, I saw DBZ, Pokemon, Digimon, and tons of other series during my youth. During my high school years, I got into the artsier stuff like Haibane Renmei, Gankutsuou, and Serial Experiments Lain to name a few.

5: I have actually met people who either made movies I reviewed or were featured in.

I have met most of the bands featured in A Light in the Darkness, Brandon Ebel (founder and CEO of Tooth & Nail Records) in Danielson: A Famile Movie, Chris Bernstorf in 152.42: The Film, and any anime I reviewed involving Crispin Freeman because I met him in Wauconda, IL of all places for an anime keynote speech for the Lake County Discovery Museum’s anime exhibit. Not only that, but he autographed my Read or Die DVD which you can see in my review of that OVA.

4: Despite liking anime, I have never been to a con.

I know. Shock of all shocks, right? I just never had the time to go to one, and to be honest with you, I feel uncomfortable in some of those environments. There are people who live and breathe nerdy things like anime, comics, superheroes, video games, and other things that I’m not that obsessed with. Sometimes I wonder how some of them make it their careers while making more money than I do.

3: I have directed music videos before.

The Old-Timers [Hardcore/Punk from South Africa/Scotland]

Watercolour [Folk from England]

Praiser [Hardcore/Punk from Germany]

Dystopian Futures [Experimental/Punk from Scotland]

2: I have never been to a movie theater in over a year.

The movie theaters by me only play a lot of the mainstream crap out there. Whenever they do play something I’m interested in are limited release films and I always work on those days. I would like to go to some of those films. Maybe one of those GKIDS or Ghibli re-releases, I don’t know.

1: I actually want to direct films.

Even though I have a film background and a chunk of my degree involved those studies, I have never directed a film. I’ve worked on short films before in different capacities, but I want to have my own original screenplays. It would be good to start with microfilms or short films and build up from there. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Hope you enjoyed this list.

My next reviews involve the following:

-A cut paper animation project from South Africa
-A comedy short film from Lesotho
-The first full-length film created by an African

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