Changes Ahead…

Let’s start with some good news. Yesterday was my birthday. Hooray to me!

Now for other things here.

November is going to be an insanely busy month for me with work and also because I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. That’s National Novel Writing Month for those not familiar with that competition. I’ll be writing a whole novel all month long, so I won’t have time to do my normal reviewing schedule. I’d be lucky if I managed one review every Saturday assuming I have time to pull that off. Not only that, but I’ve also been finishing up things with my full-length Ospreyshire album which has been a huge undertaking. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Besides those things, I really have to be honest with you all about some things. I’ve been disillusioned with certain aspects of Iridium Eye. I get that I don’t focus on the popular or mainstream media in what I watch whether it’s movies, documentaries, anime, animation, short films, or the occasional series. While it has been fun using my film expertise and expanding my writing chops while expressing my opinions on movies or series most people have never heard of, but I’m starting to get burnt out a bit. Some of the harsher things I’ve watched this year factored into it while up-ending my understanding of film, but it’s also because I feel like I’m not getting as interested in film reviews and I feel that my content isn’t interesting enough. It certainly doesn’t help that having a Ko-Fi account never got any attention as selfish as I sound. There are certainly bloggers with bigger followers than me who do great things and I don’t begrudge them for their success. I never really fit into different blogging circles like how I couldn’t call myself an aniblogger, movie critic blogger, indie enthusiast, etc. I don’t know where or if I belong in these parts of WordPress and I do wonder if some people check out my posts just to be nice. Sorry. I’ve been dealing with some aspects of sadness and frustration now.


  1. “I never really fit in to different blogging circles like how I couldn’t call myself an aniblogger,…”

    Speaking as someone who literally fits in nowhere, I think you can call yourself an aniblogger. If I can, you can! Let’s face it: If you blog, and if you blog about anime, you are, by definition, an aniblogger.

    I list your site on my public list of anime blogs that I encourage folks to check out:

    Not sure if that counts as verification or not, but you’re earned your place on that list!

    “I don’t know where or if I belong in these parts of WordPress and I do wonder if some people check out my posts just to be nice.”

    I don’t have time to check out posts to be nice. I read your posts because they interest me. Period.

    Kinda sounds like I read your stuff because I’m a selfish pig. I should probably try to think of a better way to phrase that…

    I’ve spent my entire life dealing with how much I hate my writing. In fact, of all the opinions I have about myself, my low opinion of my own writing is the 2nd most powerful.

    The first?

    I know that I can’t not write.

    If I can deal with you, anyone can (and you’re included in “anyone”).

    You clearly want to write. You’re just as clearly good at it. I hate to give advice because I don’t know enough about your situation, but I think I’ll risk a tiny suggestion:

    Keep writing.

    If you keep it up, it’s just a matter of refining your craft (which you’re going to do anyway) and marketing. I suck at marketing, so I asked my wife (who doesn’t suck at marketing) for ideas. She suggested I check out Darren at ProBlogger and Neil Patel. Maybe their ideas can help you market!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!

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    • Thank you for the encouragement, Terrance. I was depressed when I typed this and scheduled that post. I’m glad you actually care about some of my works. Anime is certainly covered, but I don’t want to be just an anime guy if that makes sense. It’s awesome you’re interested in what I write about here and on my main Ospreyshire blog. I still thank you for putting those blogs on your list. That’s incredible.

      Thanks for the belated birthday wishes, too.

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