Iridium Eye: 2019 in Review Pt. II-Thoughts and Goals-

I’m finally in the new decade and this feels so strange. Can you believe that last year was also the same year that takes place as Blade Runner and Akira? It certainly didn’t look like those movies even though there were some dystopian elements in the world. In the words of Dr. Mumbi Seraki “Those are stories for other days”.

Going back on topic, this was a mixed year. Even though I had some victories in my life, they felt hollow to me. I also went on hiatus twice on this blog, but I’m not sure how many people actually cared. Eventually, I limited my review quota to once a week instead of thrice a week as I used to do most of the time. Work, recording an album by myself, and other emotional aspects did hinder me from reviewing at my best potential. There were certainly funny moments in real life like how Disney “gave” me hits for certain reviews which you already know about and why even if it’s a theory (the timing was way too perfect though). I do hope people check out my newest posts for this year and even skim through my archived posts since I’ve had at least three hundred reviews from movies, animated features, documentaries, short films, and then some from all over the world. For those that still care about Iridium Eye, thank you for sticking around even as I dealt with some personal issues.

What were your favorite posts I’ve written? Did you watch anything I reviewed? What keeps you coming back to read things here?

I do have some goals for Iridium Eye this year.

-Review an anime series that’s longer than 52 episodes. I want to break the record with two potential ideas that I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts before. If you know my taste in anime, then you can probably guess what they could possibly be. Hint: they are series I have never reviewed ever!

-Review Satoshi Kon’s directorial filmography. So far, I’ve reviewed Perfect Blue and Paprika AKA The Original Inception, but I want to cover more of his work. Rest in peace, Kon-sensei.

-Have at least one Top 7 list a month. I have a few ideas stirring.

-Review a movie from at least 5 African nations I’ve never covered before. This has been a good cinematic addition seeing things made in that continent.

-Complete at least 3 collaborative posts on this blog. Fortunately, I’ve been in talks with a few bloggers around here. Stay tuned.

-Dedicate or give special thanks to some reviewers or non-reviewers who have recommended me things to watch.

Hope 2020 has been great for you so far!


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