Top 7 Non-Actors Who Should Try Acting

Here’s a fun idea for a Top 7 list!

There have certainly been movies indie and mainstream that involve actors who come from other fields to give a go at playing characters. You have musicians, stand-up comedians, sportspeople, and so forth who have been in such projects. Some of them have transitioned well into acting such as Henry Rollins and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to name a few. Others completely bomb at acting despite their fame in other fields. **cough** Beyonce**cough**. I’ve asked this question of what other people you think should try acting who normally aren’t actors.

Here’s my list of non-actors who should seriously try acting in movies, TV shows, etc. I think it would be sweet if some of them would act in a movie or TV show at least once to give it a go.

[Warning: Some of the clips contain strong language]

7: Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq 17 — The Yard

I guess I’m required to put at least one avant-garde artist on here, right? For those of you who don’t know her, Tanya Tagaq is a Canadian experimental musician and Inuit throat singer. She’s not from Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, but Cambridge Bay, Nunavut of all places. Tagaq is known for her avant-garde music projects that incorporate her culture’s music in a modernized context. It’s truly otherworldly, but I think she should seriously give acting a try after checking out some of her music videos. She should also try voice acting since her range is phenomenal and you wouldn’t expect her talking voice to be anything like her singing voice.

6: Aamer Rahman

Aamer Rahman.png

Stand-up comedians have been known to make the jump from the comedy clubs to the big screen, and I think Aamer Rahman has what it takes to make that jump. This Bangladeshi-Australian comic has the right amount of social commentary and his dry sense of humor used for serious topics like racism, colonization, and Islamophobia is both funny and insightful. Check out some of his stand-up works, and I think he’d be a great addition to the right kind of films or shows.

5: Russell Kane

Russell Kane.jpg

This was a somewhat recent discovery as I found out about this stand-up comedian when I was trying to figure out what the Essex accent is like. Random, I know. However, that search led me to multiple videos from this Southend-based comic. I’ve seen some of his specials and his YouTube Kaneing series. It’s hilarious how he switches between different British accents as well as having some amazing facial expressions or randomly prancing around for different jokes. Apparently, Russell Kane is a big deal in the UK, but I’m surprised he doesn’t have an acting gig there or anywhere.

4: Nate Allen

Nate Allen.jpg

Here’s a musician that I’ve known for a while and have seen live multiple times. This is Oregon-born, Kansas City-based acoustic musician Nate Allen. He’s known for his work in the husband/wife folk punk duo Destroy Nate Allen, acoustic rock band The Pac Away Dots, and his current solo project Good Saint Nathanael. Nate Allen has an incredible stage presence as well as making some songs that are really zany or more subdued. I think he could work well in different types of roles depending on the genre.

3: Chuck Mambo

Chuck Mambo champion.jpg

Some of you might recognize this name if you read my review of Eddie Dennis: A 5 Year Old’s Dream. If you don’t, then let me introduce you to him. Chuck Mambo is an indie wrestler from Newquay, England. The gnarliest wrestler on the planet has a lot of natural charisma about him and offers a sense of levity with his character. However, he can be serious at times and he’s very good in the ring. I certainly would find him more entertaining in a movie than John Cena or Dave Bautista that’s for sure. Also, he and TK Cooper pulled off a social distancing wrestling match during lockdown which needs to be seen to be believed. Feel free to check out their YouTube channel and tag team Escaping the Midcard.

2: Sugar Dunkerton

Sugar Dunkerton.jpg

Yes! I’m putting another indie wrestler on this list. Deal with it. I’ve been checking out Suge D’s work since I got into the indie scene especially after watching Roy Johnson’s Everything Patterned show with Wrestling Resurgence. Some wrestling fans might know him for his work in Chikara or for being featured recently on AEW under the moniker Pineapple Pete. Much like Chuck Mambo, he uses some comedy in his persona, but he also knows when to be very serious at times. He’s good on the mic, is good in the ring, and has a lot of depth in some of his promos (PLEASE check out the SUGE number three video to see how well he can work in acting and providing socially conscious satire). Speaking of Mambo, he also made appearances on the ETM YouTube channel during his UK tour.

1: Benjamin Clementine

Benjamin Clementine.jpg

How did I not know about this guy until this year? Benjamin Clementine is a crazy talented musician and singer. I saw his Tiny Desk Concert with just him solo on piano and it was crazy how he uses expressionism and avant-garde leanings while having an anti-pop aesthetic. He’d be perfect for a musical production, but he does have immense stage presence and is the kind of person who would really stand out in a crowd. I could see him playing some really eccentric characters or having a leading role in an art-house film.

What are some non-actors that you think should give it a go at acting?

-Curtis Monroe

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Tanya Tagaq and Benjamin Clementine! I’ve been expanding my taste in music these days, and the selections you put up from both artists both left quite a powerful impact on me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem! I’m glad you really enjoyed their music. Both are very talented musicians. I hope you also appreciated mentioning a fellow Canadian (Tagaq) on this list for you. Haha! I found out that Tanya Tagaq actually collaborated with Bjork for a song years ago which is very cool. I bought one of Benjamin Clementine’s albums and it is amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

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