Top 7 Thoughts on Being a Melanated Film and Anime Critic

I was struggling to come up with a Top 7 list for this month. I originally had more fun and humorous ideas planned for June, but given the current social climate, I’d be beyond irresponsible to ignore what’s going on. It’s as good a time as any to get serious and not just fulfill my Top 7 goals for 2020.

Anyone who knows anything about Iridium Eye, or at least anything about my other blogs know that I’m outspoken when it comes to positive representation as well as calling out racist garbage when I see it even in my own reviews. For those who are unaware, I’m from an interracial family (white dad and a black mom). Some of my biggest ethnic samples involve being of Congolese, Cameroonian, English, and Welsh descent as well as other African and European ethnic groups (I didn’t know the African examples until only a couple of years ago which is sadly common being African-American). Despite having a complexion on the lighter side, I have dealt with my fair share of racism which has certainly affected my worldview. I clearly don’t look white, so that made me a target for being profiled, being called the N-word, being assumed to be subhuman, getting my first DWB at age 19, and being punished for things my white peers/co-workers/classmates would get away with all the time. I can’t lie to any of you about my experiences. Given the current state of this country with the protests, police brutality, and racism on display, I got very nervous over the past week and a half.

How do I feel being a melanated film and anime blogger on this particular platform? Here are 7 of my thoughts an observations on the matter. I’m in no way shaming anyone with what I’m about to say, but I want you to see where I’m coming from. This is going to be totally no-frills and very honest with you.

7: I feel like I’m the only one of my kind in this field.

I know in the blogosphere, people hide behind avatars and user name pseudonyms. Okay, I do answer to both Ospreyshire and Curtis since my information is there given my spoken word project, but it’s whatever. Let’s be honest with ourselves that this is a predominantly white field with reviewing things. One’s race isn’t their fault, so I’m not giving one guff if anyone happens to be Caucasian. I do not do this be be some niche blogger. If anything’s niche, it’s that I review a ton of obscure works out there and that’s irrelevant to my ethnic heritage. I feel so isolated because I don’t feel like there are a lot of bloggers who could relate to me if they are film reviewers. Sure, I know there are a few out there, but I feel like I don’t see many of them. Also, I feel as though I might be the only melanated reviewer that a follower or blogger peer has which can be intimidating in and of itself especially if they figure it out about me or read some of my posts where my race does get mentioned. There are certainly awesome bloggers who’ve been supportive which I do appreciate, but I’ve had several moments where I felt alone.

6: I feel like I have to (low-key) bring up my credentials at multiple junctures.

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I do have some authority on what I cover here. First of all, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies where film production and history covered part of my degree audit. Second of all, I’ve done film production work for years. Small scale, but I have filmed and edited things on my own. Thirdly, I’ve had experience teaching cinematography, editing (with Final Cut Pro, no less), screenwriting, and even character representation at a Summer camp before. Fourthly, I’m an author, so I know things about storytelling.

This could be paranoia, but I assume that everyone will question my credentials or my know-how on different subjects especially once they figure out my ethnic background. Do you know how tempted I’ve been to tell people “Shut up! I know that I’m freaking talking about!” throughout these past 3 years I’ve made this blog like some pre-prepared response? I have done the work and I may sneak in some of those facts from time to time in passing in my reviews or Top 7 lists. It drives me to work really hard even though film critiques are more a labor of love and a hobby. Would be nice if I made enough money to have this be a full-time job, but I’m not sure.

5: I’ve made assumptions that other bloggers are apathetic to the world.

I’m not asking for anyone to go full-on SJW at every level. It’s your blog, so I’m not telling you what to do or what not to do. This is more a confession than anything, but I’ve judged people internally (including bloggers I like) that they just don’t care about serious issues. I’m not just talking about racism or police brutality, but it could be historical things, political issues, the environment, etc. Are there content creators on WordPress, YouTube, or social media that freak out over really superficial things like fan shipping or casting choices in a movie? Absolutely, make no illusion about it. What I do struggle with is lumping so many people like those superficial fans when they aren’t like that at all. There have been times where that judgment seeps into other’s comment sections and I’m sorry if anyone was hurt by those moments when it happened.

4: The fear that no one would believe me whenever I voice my opinions or bring up facts in my reviews

Not everyone has to agree with me and that’s okay. I’ve even told some people that I respectfully disagree on issues in a civil matter and people have done so in my comments section. That’s fine and I wish social media was more adult in that manner. With that being said, I feel as though when I talk about more unpopular opinions or go into dropping truth bombs for a point, people assume I’m crazy or conspiratorial. I do my best to do my research when it comes to the more factual things about films or anime. When I do have a contrary opinion to so many other reviewers (professional or amateur), I have to work really hard to articulate why I like or dislike something as best as I can for my point to be understood. I can’t stand being underestimated, so I have to prove that I have enough intelligence on something because people assume that those like me are automatically stupid.

3: The fear that I would be attacked when I bring up problematic aspects of films or series whether in reviews or conversations (online or offline)

This certainly goes way back to my blog’s inception. I get that people use entertainment as a form of escapism. Trust me, I’m guilty of this as well especially recently after being bombarded by so much tragic news. There’s only so much I can take before I become morbidly depressed or immensely enraged as I do my best to stay informed (this is coming from a guy who’s reviewed Hate Crimes In the Heartland, Grave of the Fireflies, and recently Camp de Thiaroye!). Anyways, I’ve had times on the internet where people got uncomfortable when I mention certain unsavory things about popular forms of media or even obscure examples.

I seriously wonder if anyone has gotten angry when they read my Rabbi’s Cat review for example when I called out the offensive portrayal of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) community. That was a critically acclaimed movie, so was I one of the few people who didn’t like it? I’ve gotten into more heated conversations with people online or offline with examples such as how Scarlett Johansson playing Major Motoko Kusanagi in the Ghost in the Shell live action remake was whitewashing, why Krone from The Promised Neverland plays up mammy/minstrel show imagery in her character design, or how the hyenas in The Lion King invoke racist anti-Black and anti-Latinx undertones (with Shenzi and Banzai respectively with how they talk), let alone how the Elephant Graveyard was genocide against them which I’ve mentioned before in my Namibian Genocide & The 2nd Reich documentary review where I made parallels with the Shark Island Concentration Camp. People have freaked out at me and cussed me out for even DARING to make those observations in real life whether they had a sound argument against me or not. I’ve never seen people do this to my white peers as much, but they’re more likely to be listened to than me. That’s not a knock on their ethnicity, by the way. In my experience, my opinions seem to be dismissed more often.

2: People can be turned off by my reviews if they do figure out about my heritage.

Cancel culture can be a terrible thing. I don’t bring it up most of the time since I mainly focus on the movies and series I cover. Unfortunately, I do bring it up when there’s the topic of racism in what I watch or if there’s a scene that I could relate to very much when it does involve those aspects (my review of Imitation of Life was a major example where I talk about being light skinned while simultaneously condemning colorism). I seriously expect people to flee when they put the two and two together in either an act of racist cowardice or wanting to bury their heads in the sand. The bad things that have happened in my life and/or my personal studying on racial issues do affect my worldview directly and indirectly. Does my ethnic background scare some people that much? I’m only reviewing movies, documentaries, and anime on here. It’s not like I’m promoting thugging, trapping, or anything destructive of that nature. I just wish people would be brave to listen whether I talk about Cold Case Hammerskjöld or something lighter like Hikaru no Go.

1: Not everything I review involves protagonists who look like me.

I expand my mind every time I cover a movie from a country I’m not too familiar with. I’ve reviewed movies from multiple countries in Asia, Latin America, and Europe which has been fun. There are things I learn from so much which I do appreciate.

However, I accepted a long time ago that not everything is going to involve someone like me. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy something from somewhere involving a completely different culture. Don’t believe me? My first 10/10 review was Haibane Renmei. There are characters that I can relate to at times. Going back to Haibane Renmei, I thought Reki was such a dynamic character and I could relate to her internalized self-loathing (I have to avoid spoilers). With Song of the Sea, I could relate to Ben since I’m a big brother with a little sister myself and I shared some elements of him being jealous while at the same time being protective of my sister. Shoot, the episode of Kimba the White Lion where the title character gets banned from the lion convention due to his species was very relatable to me since that was a metaphor for being discriminated against because of who they are (fridge brilliance by showing the Original Scar…I mean Claw in the background in said convention), and he’s not even human!

As a critic, I have to accept works from multiple countries. If they have a great story, then I’m all for it. If it’s problematic, then that’s when my criticism becomes harsher. Am I for positive representation with protagonists? Absolutely. I’ve been vocal about it and I put in that work with my books since I know mainstream media isn’t going to do that for me.

In these times of racial tensions, I had to express some of how I felt. I hope people can do better. I hope I can see equality, racial harmony, and justice happen. Is it too much to ask for?

Thank you for reading.


  1. Wow , that was an impressive read. Those are some amazing credentials you have! It really puts me to shame as a white NEET girl. To an extend it is true that I do not care about important matters of the world.. well I would not say I do not care because I do.. but I am not an activist.. the one thing I actively try to pursue is a cleaner internet. That might not be enough in the big picture. It is something I can see myself influence he easiest though.. I am not healthy and I am fairly unsure about how many continues I have left. I used a few and even saw the other side for a bit. After that I did indeed become more fighting to have a happy time myself. Because I died not really having done that. What I had left I would give to myself. So in part you are right.. but I do not think I am a horrible person. At least I hope.

    While I am not as interested in some of the “Melanine Rich Media” you share as I am for example Hikaru No Go, that doesn’t have much to do with Melanine levels.. as with my life vision as a whole. I used to care a lot for history.. but that faded away for me after I had that major cardiac arrest. I chose to live in the present. I find it interesting to read about when you write it and I am happy it is out there, yet it will never be for me. But in the same vane as why Coco Avant Chanel was not a movie for me or why Vinland Saga is not for me.Or The First Indian , (the movie about a motor cycle) I to saw the Hyena’s do their Nazi Walk , I too see the injustices. I do fight it in my own way.. not by saying how wrong it is ..but by creating a spot where everyone is welcome.. and I hope very much that that is good enough.

    I do not dislike the Melanine movies you promote, because of the struggles , I do not like them because I can not relate to the whites. I would not act like that. I am impressed with what you have done. .but I would find you just as amazing of a person as I think you are if you had dropped out.. or if you were green. I do not see you as someone who is different on a bio-chemical level but someone who I enjoy talking to. Someone who is insightful and brave.. someone who fights for who they are! Regardless of where I stand in your struggle, how far it seems away for me, I very much respect your plight. I think it’s amazing you experience such a different world than me and I really love your insight and vision on things.

    I know we have fairly different believes, as I believe less in absolute right and wrong then you. It means we fight in different ways and that sometimes we do not connect on a matter but that does not mean I have any doubt in you. Your heritage doesn’t matter to me and I do not mean that in a apathetic way because I do feel bad that you struggle with these things so much. I am just a person who cares less about why your sad or disillusioned ..but more that a person I know and like feel this way. You are Curtis to me, someone who was there for me and cheered me up when I felt down! Someone who showed me some very funny clips! Like I said in my post about my rules.. I rather focus on what makes us the same. So I do not see you as a melanated movie and and anime critic! I see you as that online friend who talks about those really heavy topic movies and with a pretty good taste in anime….who really needs to play beyond the second generation of pokémon 😉

    You are awesome and I love you for what you do, I just can’t do the same! That’s not from lack of empathy but from choosing a different route to walk. I will always care about your thoughts, even if I care a bit less about some of your movies. I’d say do not give up hope! If you look for peers, Naja from
    has recently made a list of melanine rich creators. I do not think you are alone out there!
    As far as as how I see you.. I see you as a DnD Paladin a battle scarred one. One with a very high wisdom modifier and intelligence modifier. As a race maybe a Earth Genasi or something! But that is just me.. reality is a stretchable concept for me. Stay awesome and stay strong! I am here and I am listening.. even if I am not always acting! I do give one heck of a virtual pad on your back though if you ever need them! So let me know

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    • Thank you very much, Pinkie! Yeah, I do have some acumen and credentials, but I don’t want to brag about those aspects in regards to filming and reviewing things. It’s okay if you’re not an activist of sorts. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. It’s good that you do care about some things. Despite you not talking about the same things I talk about, I don’t think you’re horrible.

      Nothing wrong with liking Hikaru no Go. Haha! Okay, in all seriousness, I do appreciate your support. I get why you or anyone would want to live in the present which I don’t fault you for. I do care about history since I want to know good things, but also to make sure the bad thing don’t happen again. However, I had to learn so many things outside of school after being surprised with how much I haven’t been taught (Black Wall Street was a huge one for me for example). I’m not sure about Vinland Saga since I haven’t seen it, but I know what it’s about. I looked up Coco Avant Chanel and WOW…I didn’t know about her collaborating with the Nazis in history. I get the hyenas goose stepping was to play up the dictator angle with Scar, but it’s insulting to me as the animators are equating the underclass wanting social mobility (especially with the covert racist undertones with Shenzi and Banzai) with national socialism which is beyond insulting to me. I do applaud you trying to make people feel accepted and having a haven for positivity.

      That’s good because I did wonder about that after my Camp de Thiaroye review which you checked out. I can see the argument about how some of those movies especially with overt elements about racism on display is that white people can be shown as overtly racist. You see that more with more mainstream movies. I would recommend checking some movies that aren’t always about “the struggle” You could try the Nollywood movie Lunch Time Heroes which is about a teacher trying to reach out to rich students and get involved in academic competition. There’s the British movie Second Coming which doesn’t involve racism (Idris Elba is in it, too). I cover so many different movies in different genres and moods. Thank you for trying to see where I’m coming from and respecting me for trying to shed light on issues. I think you meant trying to fight against my plight, just to be sure, but I know what you were trying to say. I wish I could live in a world where I don’t have to prove my humanity to everyone.

      I can see how we fight in different ways with what we do. I’m glad I was able to cheer you up from time to time. Thank you for seeing the humanity in me. You considering me a friend of sorts is awesome. It’s good I have great taste in anime. Maybe I should step my Pokemon game up after having a hiatus post-Gold and Silver. Hahahaha! 😛

      Sure thing. Not everyone is going to blog like me and frankly, WordPress would be boring if every blog was like mine. Thank you for encouraging me in this giant text block. Thanks for the link. I’ll check out that blog. Battle scarred DnD Paladin, eh? That’s something I never really thought about. Hahaha! Fascinating metaphor, Pinkie. Thanks for reaching out.

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  2. “Also, I feel as though I might be the only melanated reviewer that a follower or blogger peer has which can be intimidating in and of itself especially if they figure it out about me or read some of my posts where my race does get mentioned.”

    I really can’t comment on how you feel when you look at the blogsphere, but I can tell you that when I think of your sites, two impressions stand out. First, I often find references to movies and historical events that I never encountered before. To me, that’s exciting! I love learning about new things, so I look forward to checking out your sites every week. Second, I find that what you post aligns with facts. I put it that way for emphasis: you’ve done your research, and it shows. I appreciate that.

    “This could be paranoia, but I assume that everyone will question my credentials or my know-how on different subjects especially once they figure out my ethnic background.”

    It never occurred to me to question your credentials. First, like I mentioned earlier, your research presented facts I could verify. Second, I recognized that the points you made reflected expertise in the areas you mentioned.

    But here’s the thing. I’m a terrible test case. I see the world from fundamental principles upward. I work from theological concepts to philosophical concepts to political concepts. It doesn’t mean I’m smart. It means I’m compensating for a lack of ability to engage humans in a way most humans would think of as “normal.” I emulate normal interactions. So, I’m a terrible example. I don’t understand racism; it fundamentally doesn’t make theological, philosophical, or political sense (unless you start with the assumption of a despot/demagogue, and I reject that out of hand). About the best you can conclude from how I see your writing is that objectively, it’s accurate, clear, and demonstrates authority.

    Which I suppose, put that way, is a positive thing! But I can’t advise on how to counter racists or others with fundamentally flawed positions, because they make no sense to me.

    “I’m not just talking about racism or police brutality, but it could be historical things, political issues, the environment, etc.”

    Man, I hope I haven’t given you that impression with my blog! For various reasons, I’ve more or less given up being overly clear about topics, because I’ve never been able to affect positive change that way. Instead, I’ve taken a lower-key approach. For example, in one of my Concrete Revolutio reviews, I (correctly!) pointed out the similarities of the tactics of a certain presidential candidate (who, unfortunately, somehow won) with the run up to kristallnacht. I look for opportunities to point out those kinds of things, but looking at my portfolio for the last year or so, I’ve fallen a bit behind (with the exception of social commentary like in Zombieland Saga’s reviews). So maybe you’re observation is more on point than I like to admit…

    “With that being said, I feel as though when I talk about more unpopular opinions or go into dropping truth bombs for a point, people assume I’m crazy or conspiratorial. ”

    I hope it helps when I say I’ve never thought that for a second. First, conspiracy theorists have a certain approach to their writing. You don’t have that approach. Even more important? Your facts are verifiable.

    I guess I just said your facts are facts.

    I shouldn’t have to say something like that, but in today’s climate? I kinda feel compelled. Not because of anyting here! But because of the wider conversation and its hostility to the basics like facts.

    “or how the hyenas in The Lion King invoke racist anti-Black and anti-Latinx undertones (with Shenzi and Banzai respectively with how they talk)”

    I like the order you presented your points!

    In this case, I remember reading some of your posts on this topic. Since I’d already concluded that your posts tend to present facts by a writer who has a perspective that made sense to me, it didn’t occur to me to argue. Well, that and I agreed with the points you were making.

    Because they were based on facts.

    “Does my ethnic background scare some people that much?”

    I can only for me. Since your posts include facts and conclusions/positions based on fact, I’m not sure why any other consideration would matter.

    But if someone rejects your contributions for that reason, that’s kinda their problem, isn’t it? I’ve gone round and round with people I grew up with, and I’ve had to conclude they just don’t want to accept facts. With corona virus and COVID-19 in the environment, now’s not a great time to be adverse to facts.

    “I hope I can see equality, racial harmony, and justice happen. Is it too much to ask for?”

    I think it’s a great place to start. We’ll eventually want to move on to celebrating different perspectives, but equality and justice probably have to come first.

    Conversations like this help. You never know when being open and clear will trigger a revelation in someone!

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    • For starters, this comment showed up as spam. I’m sorry this happened. Time to rectify this instantly.

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you were able to learn some things with my posts across here and my different blogs. It’s also good to know that my research has shone in my various posts.

      Whew! That’s a relief. This has nothing to do with you, but it’s a bad habit of needing to prove myself to everyone in whatever I do. Thanks for bringing that up when it comes to your perspective. You’ve been great with me and you never felt like you were showing off your knowledge or credentials with me. I certainly agree with racism being illogical in so many ways. However, it can show up in overt and covert ways even in areas you wouldn’t expect like health care, economics, historical portrayals, etc. Good on you for knowing how fallacious racism is. Whenever you see it, call it out for starters.

      Don’t worry about that concern. You didn’t come off as apathetic to me. I understand why you or anyone would not want to be very overt about political issues. That’s a good example by low-key mentioning it while still bringing up your points. I’ve done that in some of my reviews as well even though I do get overt about different serious subjects when necessary (mainly in my documentary reviews for example).

      Very good. I do agree about conspiracy theorists writing a certain way and I do my best not to write that way. If I do get close to it, then I will warn people in advance while doing my best to back it up with facts and reasons or I can make a “joke” conspiracy like “This anime is a toy commercial in disguise!” if the need calls for it. I mean…I do have a sense of humor, too. 🙂 Yes, facts are certainly important and I do what i can to research and incorporate them in my reviews like the fun facts or mentioning some objective things when applicable.

      Thank you about appreciating those examples! Yes, I have gotten a reputation in the aniblogger community for mentioning Kimba a lot and for making several potshots against The Lion King, but I’m glad I’m not crazy when I bring up the problematic portrayals of the hyenas. Some people have noticed those aspects as well (of different races, by the way) and I’ve opened some eyes when I bring up the Elephant Graveyard and how that’s severe protagonist centered morality on Mufasa’s part. I used the parallels between that place with Shark Island Concentration Camp and/or the Congolese Genocide under Leopold and people have told me how much sense it made. Thanks for agreeing.

      Very good. It’s certainly their loss if they have a problem with my heritage. It’s sad how people don’t want to accept reality or facts.

      This has been a great comment from you! Seems like I’ve been getting text blocks from multiple bloggers, but at least they are great to read and I’m happy to have these conversations.

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  3. This is a fantastic post, and you give some really great insight!

    I’m sorry that you have to deal with this kind of stuff, especially when you’re just trying to do something you legitimately seem to enjoy. You’re a genuinely great guy and awesome critic/blogger, and nothing in your skin can ever change that. Anyone who can’t see that isn’t worth your attention.

    I greatly respect you as a critic because of some of those points you’ve mentioned. You feel different and sometimes get treated differently, but you stand up and write what you feel, what you think and what you know without pulling punches. You don’t dance around sensitive topics that need to be addressed just because they might be uncomfortable for some people to talk about or acknowledge. You’re also open to reviewing anything, old or new, obscure or more well-known, and giving it a fair shot.

    Likewise, I think that it’s awesome that you have such solid credentials to back up your stances, and you have every right to be proud of them. I wish I had that kind of background. All I have is a psych BA and even though that’s helped me in my writing in some ways, it’s not something I get a whole lot of mileage out of, nor does it mean I’m all that qualified to even speak with authority on psychology related topics.

    I love doing research and trying to ensure I get all my facts straight when I write about anything, but even then I tend to mess up quite a bit or just not truly understand what I’m trying to talk about.

    I’m afraid I might come off as apathetic in regards to certain topics because, this is no excuse, but I’m an incredibly nervous person. I think I’ve mentioned to you before that I have major issues with anxiety (Social anxiety in particular, but I have a lot of general anxiety), and I get really worried sometimes just posting regular blog posts out of fear someone will receive it poorly.

    But when I get into the territory of controversial or sensitive topics, especially ones in which I have no experience in, I tend to want to just close myself off because I’m so afraid I’ll say the wrong thing or say things improperly or seem like a misinformed idiot or just step on people’s toes or seem like I’m ‘white-knighting’ etc.

    I know that’s very cowardly of me, and I try not to do it, but it’s what I’m stuck with. Even in real life, people will be having a really serious conversation around me about something important, then I’ll suddenly have the spotlight put on me and given those fateful words “Well, what do YOU think about it?” and I’ll barely squeak out a response and people will instantly think I don’t care. It’s hard to really know what’s worse – the feeling of saying something and having someone respond poorly to it or saying little to nothing and having people think you’re either stupid, don’t care or both.

    And it’s not a matter of talking about it with strangers, either. I lock up when trying to talk about these things with close family, too. I really hate that I can’t usually work around that. That’s another reason why I really respect that you can tackle topics such as racism head-on and go really in-depth about them.

    I, too, hope for the day when we can see equality across the board and the world just being an overall better place for each and every person.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Curtis. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Fiddletwix!

      I appreciate the kind words and for being encouraging to me. Thank you for seeing me as a good person and blogger regardless of my skin color.

      That’s good to know. Iridium Eye and my other blogs were so cathartic when it comes to voicing out my opinions on things. It’s been great reviewing so many things from all over the world. I enjoy covering different topics, genres, and time periods. I can watch something serious or something more lighthearted while still giving my honest opinions. I can talk about aspects of storytelling, serious issues, plagiarism cases, or some fridge brilliance at times. Not going to lie, outside of my online work, I tend to be pretty quiet since I’ve been silenced for a long time, so this was a huge outlet for me.

      Good on you for having a Psych BA though! I can actually relate to not doing as much with your degree as one would expect. Without getting into too much detail, I wish I did more full-time media/film work and my current jobs are irrelevant to my degree. However, I do have some extra credentials in the education field though. Anyways, I do try to show what I know without bragging about anything on my posts or comments. How did you feel about learning or applying things in the psychology field?

      Same here. I really like researching things for my Fun Facts section the most, but I do my best to learn about other things especially when I’m covering a genre or film scene I’m not too familiar with. I certainly had to do so for today’s post since it was the first time I watched anything from Mauritania of all places.

      I remember you saying that you’ve had anxiety issues in a previous conversation. If you ever felt judged by me in assuming you’re apathetic, then I’m really sorry about that. I understand if you’ve been nervous about saying the wrong things. I’ve had similar thoughts and I’ve made mistakes on my blog, too.

      I’ve had some similar feelings if it’s with a serious conversation that I don’t know too many things about. Even the conversations where I have knowledge or real life experience, it can be nerve wracking. If someone is talking about racism and race relations, it can be unnerving when I’m one of the few black (or at least a POC ethnicity) or only person in a group. Sure, I’d still talk about those issues going by that example, but I don’t want there to be a blanket statement on millions because of my words.

      I’m sorry to hear about you locking up when it comes to talking about things with others. I hope you can get better at opening up at conversing with others. Thank you. It’s good that there are people willing to listen and read whenever I get into talking about racism or other hard-hitting topics.

      That’s wonderful, Fiddletwix. It’s amazing how people can want that to happen.

      You’re certainly welcome and thank you for reading this post!

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