Tokyo Babylon Review [Collaboration Review with Ashley Capes from The Review Heap]

Tokyo Babylon disc

Ashley and I got to collaborate once again for a review. This time, we get to cover a series from CLAMP of all people. We’re talking about Tokyo Babylon which is a mystery/occult detective work that is actually a prequel to the acclaimed X series. It’s one of their earlier works, but is it up to par with their others? Feel free to check it out!

Looks like it’s our second time reviewing something from Madhouse and also something with the name “Tokyo” in the title. Haha!

The laserdisc cover is from IMDb. Tokyo Babylon is property of Madhouse.

The Review Heap

By Ashley Capes & Curtis Monroe

Tokyo Babylon (Tokyo Babylon: A Save Tokyo City Story) 1992-1994

Hello! Today I’m hosting a collaboration with Curtis from Iridium Eye Reviews – our second, actually! We first reviewed Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathersand today we’re going into the supernatural and the occult with CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon, which can be seen as a bit of a prequel to X but still stands alone.

Thanks again to Curtis for watching this with me and also for jumping around from topic to topic in the write up, as I seem to do 😀

Ashley: Curtis, I wanted to start perhaps in an odd place, with genre or even tone – and see where you thought the OVA landed? I found this note on wiki (wish I could get to the source actually):

Producer Yumiko Masujima remembers how difficult it was to recreate the manga’s atmosphere in…

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