Unpopular opinions tag? I revel in having such opinions. :3

Kenny Omega laughing gif

Oh, boy! This is going to be so much fun. That Kenny Omega GIF describes the feeling I got when I was tagged by Pinkie. Thank you so much, Pinkie! This sounds like a tag that was made for me.

Normally at Iridium Eye, I focus on more obscure things. In this blog, I’ve been known for having contrary opinions and even mentioning controversial things. Sure, I do it in the most civil way possible, but I know my opinions don’t match so many popular critics and other bloggers out there.

Enough of this intro. Let’s get started with this tag. Ooh, I know people are going to react to this post. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Popular series I don’t like:

Family Guy

Family Guy (TV Series 1999– ) - IMDb

This show has been around for most of my life which is crazy to think about, but I never understood why people think it’s funny. I’ve seen a few episodes and the most I can get is a quiet chuckle which only happens twice on a good day if it happens to be on. I know lowbrow comedies have their fanbases, but I find the humor to be too shallow, gross, repetitive or just plain unfunny. Relax, I won’t play the “Simpsons rip-off” card even though The Simpsons (the older seasons, mainly) were funnier not that I’m a fan of that show. Let’s be honest, Seth McFarlane rips off himself all the time (American Dad and The Cleveland Show…I rest my case) which is pathetic and boring.

Popular movie I like, but everyone seems to hate:

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Blu-ray Release Date January ...

I use the term “popular” very loosely, but come on. Everyone has at least heard of the American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, right? This time, I’m talking about the 3rd film in the original Swedish trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, this film is NOWHERE near as good as the first part of the trilogy. I make no illusion about it. I get the frustration from the critics with Lisbeth and Blomqvist being apart for most of the film and how some of the court scenes are boring. However, I can tell that they made an effort for an actual conclusion to this film series. There were still some good parts and I thought it was awesome how Lisbeth was able to own everyone during the interrogation and court proceedings with her photographic memory. I wished the film was handled better, but I’ve seen sequels that were way worse than this one.

Love triangle where the character didn’t end up with the character I wanted:

Sora X Matt from Digimon

Matt x Sora | Know Your Meme

I’m not the only person who thought Sora should’ve been with Tai this whole time. Even though I thought Matt was the more interesting character, he had no business being Sora’s boyfriend. There was way more chemistry between TaiSora and you have the fact that those two characters have known each other the longest outside of Matt and TK (only because those two are brothers). I remember being frustrated with this even when I watched Digimon as a kid.

Also, you should check out Traditional Catholic Weeb’s post about this issue. He did an awesome job explaining why this canon shipping failed.

Popular genre you hardly watch:


Pin by Ann Ball on LOVE | Free clip art, Hearts free, Clip art

This should surprise no one. For real, how many romance works can you name that I actually reviewed? Sure, I may have reviewed this where relationships are involved, but they usually aren’t at the forefront. I think the closest romantic thing I found a masterpiece was The Place Promised In Our Early Days, but anyone who knows anything about that movie knows it’s not the only thing going on with that plot. That and I find a lot of romance movies to be very formulaic and unrealistic despite having “realistic settings”.

Beloved character you don’t like:

Rick Deckard from Blade Runner

Deckard - Harrison Ford - Blade Runner - Character Profile ...

Blade Runner is one of the most overrated sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen. There, I said it. One of those reasons was because of this protagonist by title only. No, I refuse to call him a hero. Just because he’s played by Harrison Ford, doesn’t mean he’s going to be awesome. So let me get this straight now, Deckard botches the investigation, kisses a woman without her consent, guns down an unarmed woman in the street, kills the Replicants who are robot slaves rebelling against their human masters if you really think about it, and doesn’t even thank the guy who literally saves his life even though they were fighting at the end? I never understood why ANYONE is supposed to like him at all! He’s loaded with protagonist centered morality and the plot would’ve never happened if the Tyrell Corporation never made the Replicants to begin with or at least shut down the company after owning up to the fact they literally made human-looking android slaves!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch some better cyberpunk like Ghost in the Shell.

Popular show or series I can’t get into:

Tie between Saikano and Phineas and Ferb

Reseña – Saikano – Sr Geek

I actually watched the entirety of the Saikano anime a long time ago and I never understood why this got such rave reviews back in the day. It had a very intriguing concept which I can’t deny and the first few episodes did have me intrigued, but things went downhill with all of the angst and how Chise literally cries EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE! Dang, girl! Even Usagi Tsukino would smack this living weapon right across the face with how bad she weeps all the time. It’s even crazier to me when you consider in the Japanese version, she’s voiced by Fumiko Orikasa whom everyone should know as Rukia from Bleach. The contrast between their characters and voices couldn’t be more stark. Besides that, Chise looks way too young to be a seventeen year old and her boyfriend Shuji looks like he’s in his 30s even though both of them are the same age (how does anyone not find these character designs between the boys and girls creepy?!). Not to spoil the ending, but this series pulls off an EVA, but in the worst way that will make anyone so depressed as this tragedy becomes egregious while also being shallow at the same time.

Phineas and Ferb | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Ooh, I’m going to tick off so many people with this particular mention. I was shocked during my college years when a few students admitted to watching this cartoon and even one of my professors who was in his 40s mentioned watching this Disney cartoon in the middle of class one day. I tried watching some clips here and there, but I just don’t get it at all. Okay, there’s some wacky stuff happening and you have Perry around, but this cartoon wasn’t for me. I guess part of my frustration stems from double standards in my life. How is it that grown adults can watch this kid’s show (even though some of them don’t have kids) and NOT get made fun of. If I admitted to liking something like this, then I’d be a laughingstock. Oh, wait…this is a Disney cartoon. It seems as though Disney fans are immune to being bullied so often when I get made fun of for liking artsy movies or anime. You haven’t noticed that I’m so bitter and people need to sit down and shut up while…

OKAY! Moving on!

Popular show or movie I have no interest in seeing:

Movie: Zootopia

Series: Sword Art Online

Zootopia' review - Business Insider

Get comfortable, everyone. I’m not done with these Disney-related mentions for this tag. I have never seen Zootopia and I have no plans to do so. Of course, I feel awkward mentioning this movie since this will be involved (briefly) in my next Top 7 list even though it will make sense in context. I know this movie has been praised in the modern Disney era, but I’m not feeling this one. This movie does scream “furry fuel” to me which is already a dealbreaker since I’m generally not a fan of most projects with anthro characters. Some of my friends were strongly recommending it to me and want to know my thoughts since Zootopia does use some allegorical racism for part of the plot. No offense to those who like that movie, but I have a right to be skeptical towards Disney covering that topic since they are still inconsistent at best and denialist at worst even to this day. I’ll pass on this one.

Sword Art Online (TV Series 2012– ) - IMDb

Ah, Sword Art Online. The big Isekai series that people have been talking about for years now. I know about how much mainstream attention it’s gotten. So we have characters trapped in an MMORPG game and there are dire real-life consequences? I watched this when it was called .hack//Sign (BURN!). All joking aside, I did hear some critics about it like how there’s inconsistent worldbuilding and Mary Sues rampant around here. I’ve seen Isekai anime done better before Isekai became an actual genre. Being trapped in another world or a video game isn’t new, so let’s stop pretending that Sword Art Online is some innovative work.

Popular show or movie I prefer over the book:


Persepolis - Eye of the Tiger animated gif

This one was really hard for me to say because I can think of so many books that are superior to their movie counterparts. That or I haven’t read the original book when it comes to the source material. I really liked both the movie and graphic novels of Persepolis, but to be honest…Persepolis looked better in movie form. It has the same art style, but the surreal and experimental nature of this film works so much better in an animation art form instead of just still images. Kudos for Marjane Satrapi directing and having full creative control of both versions of the same story. I would encourage anyone to check out both regardless, but I will say the movie was the more enjoyable experience in my opinion.

Bonus Round: Movie I used to love, but I hate now

[To the surprise of absolutely no one who knows about me or this blog]

The Lion King

Come on, did any of my long-time followers think I wasn’t going to mention this movie for any kind of post involving unpopular opinions. You can’t get any more unpopular than thinking The Lion King is overrated. Yes, I loved this movie during my childhood, but adulthood, reality, and uncomfortable truths associated with this Disney franchise really tarnished my opinion of this. For those of you who are newer to Iridium Eye, let me break down why I can’t freaking stand this movie anymore.

-The existence of Kimba the White Lion/Jungle Emperor Leo. Sure, the screenplays aren’t identical, but it’s already proven Disney knew about that old-school anime while stealing characters, scenes, and even some plot points while still denying it to this day or fans downplaying the evidence (while also bullying anime fans, let’s keep it real).

-Disney trademarked the phrase “Hakuna Matata”. This is beyond insulting to the Swahili-phone African community at large and they would never do this to any other ethnic groups. Let’s call it what it is: cultural appropriation!

-Those hyenas play up Black and Latinx stereotypes, yet you have fans defending the racially-coded portrayal of those characters. No, that “…but James Earle Jones is Mufasa!” excuse isn’t valid and it’s the same logic used whenever racist people claim they have “Black friends” whenever they are caught. Oh, and this bears repeating…the Elephant Graveyard has genocidal implications if you actually learn history like Shark Island in Namibia, Leopold’s reign of the Congo, or even The Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez, MS. Also, Disney denies how those henchmen are problematic. Check out this article about this issue and how this story isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At least Tezuka Productions owned up and apologized for their problematic characters in their different properties!

-“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a work of musical plagiarism against South African singer Solomon Linda’s “Mbube” song. If you think I’m lying, then watch The Lion’s Share on Netflix and you can thank me later.

-Beyonce ripped off the “La Maison Noir” long-form video by Petite Noir when she made the music video for “Spirit” for the 2019 remake.

Why do people keep ignoring or worse defending these aspects of this movie? Okay, I need to stop before I burst a blood vessel.

Well, that’s my list. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Here are the blogs I want to tag for this challenge:

Mechanical Anime Reviews
The Review Heap
KS Blogs
Blerdy Otome
Traditional Catholic Weeb
Tiny Ugly Animal

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  1. Never watched Phineas and Ferb myself too even though it was all the rage back when I was in middle school though. I was more of a sports nerd so I paid more attention to hockey stats than Disney shows hehe. I do share your sentiments on romance genre stuff too, I’m not about that life either. My folks tried to get me into some romance dramas a while back and I was like “ehhhhh no thanks lolol”

    Ditto as well for Sword Art Online: I’ve seen it myself, and while I do agree that it’s not that big of a masterpiece as many claim it is, I can surely say that it did hit the jackpot just at the right time. The last decade was when anime was starting to become hugely mainstream (as opposed to the 2000s) and huge breakthroughs in technology, especially with AI and all seemed to make sense to somehow spur peoples’ interest in this type of genre.

    Great post though, and I’m definitely game for this tag post! By the way – thanks for referencing my Tai/Sora post too! 😁👍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gotcha. Nothing wrong with liking hockey. I used to play pick up games of street hockey during my childhood. I figured I wasn’t alone when it comes to romance movies. I’m not against romance in movies, but when it’s the main focus, that’s a turn-off for me.

      Alright. While I’m lost when it comes to the 2010s anime, I can definitely see how since then, anime has become more “acceptable” to like. I could see some of those factors working for SAO.

      Thank you very much. I can’t wait to see your answers and I knew you would appreciate the Tai/Sora shipping. I had to reference your post because you did an amazing job explaining why that’s better than Matt/Sora.

      Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome. I’m curious to see what your answers would be.

      Thank you! I know he’s not supposed to be some goody two-shoes character, but there are anti-hero characters who have more sense than him.


  2. I knew you’d put it on there somehow! I was right! :p
    I agree with you on Phineas and Ferb and Sora and Matt is something I almost mentioned myself.

    Sora’s Arc was all about learning to love, and opening up about her feelings and I don’t think she could to that with Matt at all. I do love that Matt who had the crest of friendship did that to his buddy though! Realistically I do get why she’d leave Tai though as relationships with idealists are hard. So in the confines of the series it was weird.. in the confines of being a person I can see where she comes from.

    Family Guy is something I actually enjoy not on a deep level or something but there are a few episodes I do really enjoy, mostly the musical ones. I appreciate Mc Farlane more as a showman than as a writer/creator. When my head is filled with worries This kind of dumb stuff can make me stop thinking and just hum a few songs. A lot of episodes i also do not like but episodes like Road to Long Island or Then there were Fewer and Road To The Multiverse are some that can cheer me up my clearing my head. Mostly it’s background noise for me though. Mostly just chuckles though I rarely laugh loudly at it..but at times I just want chuckles. I also make some spoofs of other stories or base my own stories on stuff of others.. I dont try to sell it though.
    American Dad and Cleveland are just the same show to make more money I dont like those at all.

    Deckard is not a likeable character, I wasn’t sure he was that beloved even. I do think Blade Runner is overated but I like Ghost in the Shell less, not in terms of world building it just doesn’t have a very enjoyable energy around it for me.. it’s more impressive…but I have less fun with it. I think I’d favor Akira or the Shadowrun universe myself.

    I keep forgetting Zootopia exists xD I think that says enough on if I will ever watch it. It doesnt seem interesting to me at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You mean me mentioning The Lion King? Oh, yeah! There was no way I wasn’t going to mention it on a list like this. I wanted to be accurate and give other series or movies a shot that are less obvious, but I couldn’t resist. Hahaha! Thanks for agreeing about Phineas and Ferb. Did you ever have similar issues like me with how certain cartoons are accepted and whatnot?

      Sure thing. I get what they were trying to do or having Sora have her “stupid Tai…” moments in Digimon: The Movie, but it was so strange how they didn’t get together in the end especially with their history together.

      Fair enough. I haven’t seen too much of his non-animated works with the exception of some clips of Ted when it was on TV at one point. Having that show as background noise is something I’ve seen before especially at the break room at one of my jobs. If this show was able to give you a few laughs, then more power to you. I definitely agree that American Dad and Cleveland are the same shows just with different characters even though Cleveland was already in Family Guy to begin with.

      Really? I wondered about that since Blade Runner gets praised as one of the best sci-fi movies which is an opinion I strongly disagree with. It’s cool I’m not the only one who thinks that movie is overrated. Not into GITS? Okay. We’ll have to agree to disagree even though some parts of the series are better than others. I’m with you when it comes to Akira though because that is a great movie.

      Hahaha! That really says it all despite being a successful movie, right? Yeah, I’ll stick with Ernest & Celestine instead of Zootopia.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tai x Sora forever!

    I don’t see what’s so unpopular about these opinions, though it might help if I’d ever seen Blade Runner, Phineas and Ferb or Sword Art Online.

    I would actually be really interested in your thoughts on Zootopia, it’s one of my favourite Disney films and goes a lot further than I’d ever expect Disney to go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hardly a hard and deep look at the impact of racism and prejudice, but the higher ups must have been looking the other way ’cause the writers got away with a lot, the press conference scene springs specifically to mind. Still, if you want to stay away from Disney for the sake of your blood pressure and sanity I completely understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Tai x Sora, all the way! I’m so glad there are those who notice that, too. Hahaha! #DigiDestinedOTP

      Is that so? Blade Runner is certainly critically-acclaimed and helped kickstart (or at least popularize) cyberpunk in the sci-fi genre. That and it’s academic canon in film school/degree programs in the university setting. I never understood all the hype besides the production, some of the acting (Roy’s last words are a highlight, which I won’t lie), and set design even though 2019 certainly didn’t look like that movie.

      I do remember reading your Zootopia review and how you liked it now that you mention it. If something happens where I happen to watch that film (I have no idea when or how it will happen), then you’ll be the first to know. Just don’t expect a review post on here if it does happen though. I know we have differing opinions on Disney, but I do respect you and you write some great reviews. I’m glad that you never had an issue with be not being a fan of that company because others have freaked out (mostly offline) when I would mention that. It’s so weird how I was made fun of for not being a Disney fan during my teenage and college years. I could mention more of that history, but I think it would be better for a different post. Thank you so much for understanding.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course. I knew that you knew that, and I don’t begrudge you for it. I do respect fans that acknowledge both the good and bad of what they like regardless if I share the same fandom or not. It’s good that my reasons were sensible because I certainly don’t want to go overboard with disliking something or making irrational reasons.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting list, Ospreyshire! I agree with you about romances promoting formulaic stories. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Hallmark Channel movies, I’ll be one of the first people to admit most of the films adopt the same types of stories. This is because all of their films are rom-coms. While there’s nothing wrong with creating rom-com movies, Hallmark is limiting themselves creatively because that’s the only genre of film they make.

    I know I haven’t been tagged, but would it be ok if I participated in this tag?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is really neat, might do one of these, too!
    • Never liked Sora and Matt together either. It’s kind of impossible to support them together after seeing Digimon: The Movie.
    • I agree with the romance opinion, I prefer it in the subplot.
    • Lastly, I’ve only read the comic for Persepolis, so I’ll have to check out the animation.
    Very interesting list. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I think you should give it a try.

      -Yes! Thank you! I’m glad to see so many people who think that Tai X Sora is the much better shipping compared to her being with Matt. Very good point with Digimon: The Movie.

      -Sure thing. Romance is much better when it’s not the main focus of the entire plot.

      -Okay. The comic is still good, don’t get me wrong. I think the movie translates the art style extremely well and the animation quality still holds up to this day.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I was burned so badly by the Sora and Matt relationship, and then to also end the series with Kari and TK not getting together (they were vague about it, but all signs point to ‘probably not’) and, to a lesser extent but still, not getting Mimi and Joe together, my heart was broken. Granted, people have offered reasonable justifications for Matt and Sora’s relationship to me, and fair enough, but that doesn’t change the fact that for the whole series they teased Sora and Tai (Especially in the second OVA/Second part of the movie) but then BOOP suddenly she’s jonesing for a slice of Matt and is all awkward around Tai. It’s like she and Tai had a short off-screen romance, broke up and we’re none the wiser.

    I feel the same way about Family Guy as you do. Granted, sometimes they do have pretty great episodes, but I just can’t find it within myself to sit down and watch an episode anymore. It’s always either just completely unpleasant, completely unfunny, ‘we have no ideas for an actual plot so here’s 15 minutes worth of cutaway gags’ or D) all of the above. I follow several cartoon reviewer Youtubers, and some of Family Guy’s most recent stuff is just appalling. Some people have told me it’s getting better, but nah.

    Even if they got eons better, I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy it knowing the kind of drek they’ve made. Hell, even just knowing the kinds of horrible people the main characters have been and continue to be as a whole leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I still can’t believe they justified Meg getting horrifically abused day in and day out because, if they didn’t have her to take their frustrations out on, they’d take it out on each other and the family would fall apart. They literally described her as a lightning rod, and it’s just disturbing.

    Romance has always been an iffy genre to me. I tend to either stumble upon shows/manga about really, really toxic relationships (that people sometimes find to be really sweet for some reason) or ones where it’s straight up boring. And don’t even get me started on love triangles. I’ve been considering making Inuyasha my next AnIManga Clash, so I went and flipped through some old episodes and I reawakened ranty parts of me I forgot I had lol I’m not really averse to checking out romance titles, but it’s certainly not a genre I jump on. It’s weird, though, because I do actively avoid live-action romance movies lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even though this post was about unpopular opinions, I do think it’s fascinating how unanimous it is in people thinking that Sora should’ve been with Tai this whole time. Hey, I was just answering the question. Haha! I thought it was weird that TK and Kari didn’t get together since it made so much sense on different levels. I forgot about Mimi and Joe. That coupling could’ve worked. Yeah, the Bokura no War Game/2nd part of The Movie really didn’t help with the telegraphing only to pull off a shocking swerve with her and Matt after the fact. That’s a good description of how that played out. Maybe the remake can fix that shipping. One can hope.

      Thanks, Fiddletwix. There have been some times where I did think some moments were funny, but I probably didn’t laugh as loud compared to friends or co-workers. Okay, I did like the Trololo reference in one episode for example. I’ve certainly seen those things you mentioned in the episodes or clips I saw.

      I wouldn’t blame you. The characters suffer from hardcore protagonist centered morality even by cartoon comedy standards. I didn’t know they had that as an explanation for abusing Meg. That’s horrible! There’s exaggerating things for comedy, but that’s going too far. There are even villains who wouldn’t do that crap to their family, friends, or associates which really goes to show the Griffin’s collective PCM.

      I hear you right there. I’ve noticed that about toxic relationships, but are presented as cute or edgy depending on the story from what I’ve seen. Love triangles aren’t my thing either. The Place Promised In Our Early Days did it right, and I’ve rarely seen other triangles make that much sense or are well-written as that one. Also, the love triangle and romantic elements aren’t the forefront of the movie! Those InuYasha posts could be intriguing. Haha! I’m with you with avoiding a ton of live action romance movies especially the Hollywood ones.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for the nomination! I am so late to this but I promise you I will do it. It is a very fun challenge.I really loved your answers. Not gonna fight you, I actually agree with many of them. Although I still like The Lion King it does give it a bit of a sour taste now that I know about Kimba. I also always had an issue with the hyenas and the elephant graveyard but it is a movie that belongs to my youth and has a very special place in my heart for a various of reasons.

    I’ve been MIA for a few months due to a hurting hand, corona and my cat getting ill so yeah, my blog didn’t really take priority but I hope to get back into blogging a little bit more now. So thank you once again. 😊


    • You’re certainly welcome, Lina! Don’t worry about being late with the challenge. I still struggle with keeping up on time whenever I got nominated or tagged in something. That’s cool if you agreed with a lot of my choices. Yeah, it’s hard to look at The Lion King the same way once you discover Kimba. You’ve had the same issue with the hyenas and the elephant graveyard, too? I didn’t think about it too much as a kid, but when I was an adult I realize how offensive the characters were and looking at parts of history (especially the Namibian Genocide, Congolese Genocide, and The Devil’s Punchbowl) REALLY ruined that movie. I understand if it still has a place in your life, but so many things in and out of context of that movie franchise made this tainted for me.

      Sorry to hear about all of that. I hope you’re feeling much better now. No problem!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I found the hyenas funny the first time but the elephants have always been uncomfortable to me. As you say, as a kid you don’t see it the same as when you grow older and the world comes closer and you understand better. But the elephants, yeah. You and I come from different cultures and back grounds. Me being from Europe I have grown up with The Holocaust. Since I was 12 we have talked about it every year in school. And so my thoughts went there when I saw the elephants the first time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I see. You’re referring to the elephant skeletons, I assume? Yeah, things certainly look different as one grows up. Of course with the examples I brought up, I was never taught about them in school. What disturbed me about this fact was that Mufasa looked like a total hypocrite especially with his circle of life speech where every creature has its place, but the hyenas somehow deserve to be starved out at all costs. The hyenas living in the elephant graveyard gave it ghetto implications and the fact they talk in stereotypical Black and Latinx dialects really doesn’t help. We definitely learned about The Holocaust here in America and it certainly deserves to be taught, but people need to realize the implications of those actions. Going back to the Namibian Genocide, one of the perpetrators was General Franz Ritter von Epp who was at one point the boss of Adolf Hitler and inspired him which is very disturbing. It also frustrates me how Disney never owned up to the racist undertones of the hyenas as well as how Mufasa was literally getting away with Apartheid and genocide by starvation just because he’s the good guy.


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