21K+ Views! How did I not notice this?


This was another surprise recently as I racked up over 20,000 views. Iridium Eye is actually my most viewed blog which is nice despite my small following. This made me happy despite having some depressing moments over the past few days. I want to thank anyone who’s checked out my blog. It’s a miracle that anyone would want to check out my random thoughts about obscure movies, world cinema, documentaries, anime, short films, or my quirky Top 7 list.

I’m thinking about some ways to celebrate, but I’m not sure. Maybe I shouldn’t be just a critic of sorts?

Again, thank you so much!


      • Gotcha. Both were fun to write. Hikaru no Go was my longest review in terms of writing as well as it being the longest series I’ve covered on here. Diary of Tortov Roddle was another good one since I’ve enjoyed a ton of Robot Communications’ work. That studio needs to anime a ton of new things.

        Haha! Yeah, Hikaru no Go is something I’ve been nostalgic about as that series goes way back for me. Easily one of the most original anime series I’ve seen.

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      • Haha! I think it really comes across when someone has fun writing something. Some of my reviews on MyAnimeList that are most popular, were not ones that I felt had the most finesse, but ones that I wrote for fun! πŸ˜„

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      • I try to convey that in my novel-writing, too. Sometimes I worry that I might value technicality over spirit when writing. It’s a thin tightrope to walk on! Your reviews have a good balance of both!

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