Top 7 Movies and Series That Got Sabotaged and/or Banned for Stupid Reasons

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Here’s a serious Top 7 list for this month. There are people who want to make creative projects which I don’t begrudge them for making things. Unfortunately, there are people that want to ban, censor, restrict, or ruin the project in different ways. There are times where films or series get this treatment because they’re obscene. There are times where it is legitimately offensive. There are also times where they get canceled because of the creator(s) doing horrific things.

This isn’t about any of those times. I’ve done some thinking and wondered about movies and series where some powers that shouldn’t be decide to be either idiotic or straight up nefarious. Relax, I’m not going to delve into conspiratorial territory over here. This isn’t some crackpot blog talking about alien overlords or making irrational claims about tragedies. These situations have actually happened and I can’t make any of these stories up.

Here are the top 7 examples I can think of that would fall in that category. Some of these examples even involve popular media.

7: The Vision of Escaflowne

Perpetrator: Fox Kids

Actions: Canceling the whole series, grotesque censorship, lack of promotion on the new Anime Takeover Friday block.

Reasons: Low ratings, Complying with “broadcast standards”, skipping the first episode

Escaflowne GIF.gif

For those of you who didn’t grow up with anime in the late 90s/early 00s or who live outside the US, Escaflowne got airplay on Fox Kids back in the day. Yes, really. This got airtime alongside Digimon as part of an anime block and it was on the same channel that exposed people to the X-Men cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series, and Power Rangers. However, this critically acclaimed series would not get the same kind of mainstream success. Fox Kids skipped the entire first episode, made shameless recaps of different episodes, censored several parts of the anime, dubbed over the soundtrack with generic techno music (Leave Yoko Kanno alone!), and didn’t even bother to show the whole series to this new Western audience. Dang it, even 4KIDS wasn’t THAT vicious when it came to the anime they license and they’ve been the biggest go-to reference for gross censorship of Japanese animation for decades now. Since it supposedly got low ratings, then Fox gave it the Arrested Development treatment before that show was a thing. I ranked this low on the list because it’s been available in it’s uncensored form thanks to Bandai and eventually Funimation. That left a bad taste in my mouth as they mishandled Escaflowne.

6: Offside

Perpetrator: Iranian government

Actions: Banning this movie

Reasons: Jafar Panahi’s determination and the film involves women in drag at their gender-segregated stadiums.

Offside women.jpg

There is no way I wasn’t going to put at least one Jafar Panahi movie on this list. Shoot, you can put four or five of his works on a list like this and no film expert would blame you. For the sake of diversity, I’m just going to put one on here because the reasoning is so idiotic. Okay, Iran has one of the strictest measures when it comes to getting films made and released in the country. They even have an entire ministry dedicated to arts and film to make sure everything is on the level in the government’s eyes. Offside’s banning in Panahi’s home country is uncalled for. The whole drag king aspect was a key role in the plot and they filmed this movie while an actual World Cup qualifier was going on. The cross dressing was there to show the only believable way for women to go to a men’s soccer game, but it was also a metaphor about women’s rights done in a non-preachy way. Since the government had an issue with Panahi’s progressive stance on his movies in general, they banned it in Iran and the only way people saw it was through pirated DVD copies. It angers me with how much was stacked against this director and totally reasonable why he filmed in secret as well as making This Is Not a Film years later. Jafar, you deserve so much better.

5: Jungle Emperor Leo (1997)

Perpetrator: Disney

Actions: Attempted cease & desist letter

Reasons: To make Leo/Kimba run away and never return to North America despite existing first. Reference fully intended.

Leo and Lyra family GIF

Real talk, I really wanted to put this example much higher, but there are more serious issues to deal with in this list. Jungle Emperor Leo is a sequel/remake of Kimba the White Lion that focuses on Leo/Kimba’s adult arc where he has his own family as well as becoming the new king. It was about to get a North American debut at Canada’s Fantasia Film Festival in 1998, but Mickey Mouse wasn’t going to have any of that at first. The reasoning is incredibly obvious: this movie is based on an anime/manga series that The Lion King stole characters, plot concepts, and scenes from. Also, it’s important to know that this would make it’s North American debut the same year The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride would be released, so that’s another plausible reason. This is such a douchey move on Disney’s part and just proves that the House of Mouse totally knew about Kimba/JEL despite their constant denial even to this day. I’m sick of Lion King stans excusing and/or downplaying this fact among other pieces of evidence while constantly bashing the entire Oasmu Tezuka IP. Disney is a multi-billion dollar corporation, so stop pretending they’re some poor unfortunate souls (Oops! Wrong movie reference!) being bullied by imaginary big bad otaku. That attempted ceast & desist letter is kind of like Scar not letting anyone in Pride Rock say Mufasa’s name if you think about it. I know the screenplays aren’t identical, but one has to be insane or delusional to not see that this Hollywood animation studio was in the wrong this whole time. That’s not even getting into the other plagiarism or cultural appropriation crap the TLK franchise is guilty of. Here’s a quote from film critic Don Marks who was there at the Fantasia ’98 festival:

“Julian Grant introduced the film by noting that Disney filed suit to stop them from showing the film. Interesting…. Still, the source material this film is based on, classic manga from Japanese cartoon giant Osamu Tezuka, precedes that Disney film by a good 20 years, so who’s to say who is ripping off whom? In any case, while both are children’s movies that unashamedly tug at the heartstrings, Jungle Emperor Leo edges out Lion King because it simply does a better job, taking a few more chances along the way.”

I’m too tired to keep repeating this fact and for people senselessly bashing fans or people who’ve done their research on this controversy. The fact that this sequel to the original king almost got banned by the rip-off is infuriating.

4: Sesame Street

Perpetrator: Mississippi state commission

Actions: Temporarily banning the show on their PBS stations in 1970

Reasons: That show’s crime against humanity was having a multiethnic cast.

Sesame Street GIF.gif

You’re not imagining things. Sesame Street…a show that a vast majority of people under the age of 50 grew up on during their childhoods was banned at one point early on. Don’t lie. Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and so many others were a part of your early days helping you out with life lessons and all of that stuff. How can a show aimed at an early childhood demographic cause so much controversy? Well, in the state of Mississippi, the higher ups in the state were quite intimidated by the show’s presentation. This utopian setting featured so many people and puppets of different colors living in harmony together. I don’t want to play up stereotypes with the Magnolia State, but I shouldn’t be surprised anymore that they would ban freaking Sesame Street even if it was just for a little bit. That is just so shallow and uncalled for. Those officials were more offended by an integrated cast of humans and puppets than let’s say some X-rated content that might air somewhere else in the state. To add insult to injury, Mississippi also happened to be Jim Henson’s home state of all places (he was originally from Greenville). It just baffles me how such an innocent show could be subjected to so much irrational and racist scrutiny. Say what you want about this show, but even I remember it being racially progressive in hindsight when I thought about the episodes I saw when I was knee-high to a desktop computer. Some of the people who helped out in the show were actually Black psychiatrists who acted as consultants for the program! Shoot, I think I may respect that show even more now after learning about these facts.

Going slightly off tangent, as much as I have my issues with CNN let alone other mainstream networks, I have to give them props for that family-friendly Sesame Street Town Hall they did in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. Here’s a powerful clip with Elmo and his dad about that situation.

If you have a family and just saw the clip, I have to ask you this. If Elmo and his dad can break down the concepts of systemic racism, police brutality, white privilege, equity, and protesting in a way the PBS Kids demographic can understand it in just over 2 minutes, then what’s your excuse? About that line of Elmo’s father saying “Not all streets are like Sesame Street.”…I’M NOT CRYING! YOU’RE CRYING! [Shuts door before reopening] Okay. I’m better. Let’s move on to the next one on my list.

3: Camp de Thiaroye

Perpetrators: French and Senegalese government

Actions: Banning the film (10 years in France)

Reasons: Ousmane Sembene DARED to make a movie about the Thiaroye Massacre. France wasn’t happy about a movie where their country looked bad despite it being a historical fact about WWII.

Camp de Thiaroye (Film)

Now we’re going to get into the more serious examples for the top 3. I know this was a more recent review since I saw Camp de Thiaroye for the first time this year. It was such a tragedy and at the time of this posting, it’s currently my 2nd favorite Ousmane Sembene work next to Black Girl. I didn’t know about the African side of World War II, so this was a gut check of a cinematic truth bomb. Sure, the characters were fictionalized versions of the soldiers, but it didn’t change the fact that the situation actually happened where troops across Francophone African nations stationed in Thiaroye, Senegal would be undermined by French troops (whom they were fighting for against the Axis powers), mistreated, and many of them would be slaughtered by their colonizers. France didn’t want it to be shown in their country for a decade and to this day, they haven’t included the massacre in their textbooks. Senegal sadly followed suit by temporarily banning the film. Keep in mind, that’s Sembene’s home country, so that hurts even more in hindsight. This was such a powerful watch and easily one of the better WWII-based movies I’ve seen since rediscovering Grave of the Fireflies, Mother of Mine, and Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. However, this isn’t the only period piece that’s based on a real life historical event that will make so many uncomfortable while also rarely if ever talked about in history classes.

What do you know? That other film takes the #2 spot.

2: Birth of a Nation (2016)

Perpetrators: Movie and entertainment news media

Actions: False rape accusations

Reasons: Nate Parker DARED to make a movie about one of the biggest slave rebellions in America and it shockingly got mainstream distribution from Fox of all companies.

Nate Parker GIF

I was irate when I did research for this film. While I didn’t get to see it during it’s debut, this was one movie I never thought would have ever existed to begin with. Nate Parker managed to direct, write, and act in this adaptation of the Nat Turner rebellion and he pulled no punches. If you’re expecting 12 Years a Slave or Amazing Grace, then this isn’t the movie for you. The depths of human depravity are shown with how horrific slavery was in America and it showed the slaves fighting back which actually happened. The title was an intentional inversion of the original KKK-sympathizing silent film which has the unfortunate distinction of being the first ever full-length film. I had to watch it for one of my film courses and I was SUPER OFFENDED when I wasn’t bored out of my mind. There’s your “review” of D. W. Griffith’s bigoted movie. Going back on topic, Birth of a Nation (2016) was poised to be nominated for so many major awards until some news sources like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter smeared Parker with fake rape accusations of him forcing himself on a white woman in college which never happened. That case went to court and was found innocent. That’s how the movie about Nat Turner was sabotaged from making the box office and for not getting those awards. I was angry at Gabrielle Union who was in that film for slandering him despite never raping that woman. Speaking of that actress, I did some research to find out she’s such a hypocrite since she lambasted Nate Parker for something he didn’t do, yet she had no problem co-starring with Rob Lowe who had sex with a minor earlier in his career. What show were they both on and what characters did they play? They were on Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard where Union and Lowe were Nala and Simba respectively (That’s right, that iteration of Simba was played by a someone who fooled with an underage girl. What does that say about the House of Mouse?). I also can’t stand these bald faced hypocrites who slag off Nate Parker who never sexually assaulted anyone, yet praise actual pedophiles like Roman Polanski as he gets the treatment of “separating art from the artist”. No, they’re just angry because a Black director/actor/writer made a professional-looking movie addressing America’s original sin while getting a major distributor to show it in theaters. I’m not going to bash someone for something they didn’t do especially since I know Caucasian directors never got the treatment Parker got whether they were innocent or guilty.

1: The Central Park Five

Perpetrators: NYPD

Actions: Attempted subpoena to ban the film

Reasons: Allegations of the documentary “crossing the line from journalism to advocacy”…let’s be honest. The documentary shows video evidence of the police railroading the teenagers.

Korey Wise Central Park Five.jpg

Maybe it’s kind of cheating putting a documentary on the list let alone being my #1 choice, but I thought it was very deserving although one could certainly argue the previous two films could fit that spot as well. This wasn’t made by some unknown. The Central Park Five was directed by legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns as well as being distributed by PBS. There was huge pressure against this documentary from the NYPD as they thought the documentary was very biased even though it shows all the wrong done against these innocent children who were accused of a rape none of them committed. They sued Ken Burns, but he actually won against them which is amazing not just for the film, but for justice itself. Keep in mind, this was made before Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us existed! Yes, there’s the obvious harsher in hindsight aspect when a certain casino/condo tycoon wanted these five to be executed as well as eventually becoming president and never apologizing for his flagrant full-page ads (saying nothing about his sexual assault allegations). I’m glad this doc didn’t get banned because the whole world needs to see the color coded injustice and how these five people didn’t deserve to have been in prison in the first place!

What do you think? Do you know any series or movies that got sabotaged or even banned?

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  1. Informative list. I’d only heard about Escaflowne before, though I can’t remember how cut up the UK version of the dub was. I know our version of Cardcaptor Skaura wasn’t as mangled as the US version, but I’m not sure if that applied to any other series. Not that it matters, I have the original Escaflowne on DVD so I can enjoy it in all its glory.

    I’m sure the UK has a plethora of banned films and series, though the only one that springs to mind is Monty Python’s Life of Brain getting banned because apparently it had an insulting depiction of Christianity and Jesus.

    Mary Whitehouse probably got a lot of shows banned or severely toned down in the 70s, I know she was in a continual battle with Doctor Who over how ‘violent’ it was, her quote about ‘obscene vegetable matter’ still makes me chuckle to hear it. Thankfully the show never got cancelled because of it, though there are some who would argue that’s why the show lost producer Philip Hinchcliffe, which started the domino chain that led to its eventual cancellation in the 80s. That was due to about a dozen other factors though and I really don’t want to give the credit to Whitehouse, there are other people who deserve my scorn for that particular incident.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you. I first saw Escaflowne because of it’s brief Fox Kids run and was confused about what was going on due to the censored footage and not showing the first episode. Re-watching some of the series after the fact, the story made more sense. At least the original uncut version has been around for a long time, so people can still see how Escaflowne is supposed to be.

      Gotcha. My main emphasis was America despite the examples of Offside and Camp de Thiaroye in their respective countries. I’m sure the UK had their fair share. I haven’t seen Life of Brian besides the “blessed are the cheesemakers” scene, so I can’t tell you anything about the whole plot. Ironically enough, I saw that aforementioned scene in a church of all things where it was used as part of a service.

      I had to look up this Mary Whitehouse person, and we’ve had people like that over here in America. While I’m not well-versed in old-school Doctor Who, I’m sure that would be ridiculous because even Doctor Who isn’t even that violent of a show. That just seems so absurd with her trying to take down so many shows and movies.

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      • It’s been a long while since I’ve seen Life of Brian, but as I remember it it’s a pretty funny film with a catchy ending song. The plot, as I remember it is just about this average guy, Brain, who everyone mistakes for Jesus and the various antics that leads to. There’s even a scene where Jesus is giving a sermon in the background, while Brian is getting harassed in the foreground. I mean the most famous line of the film is ‘He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!’

        As for Doctor Who, the era we’re talking about is the Philip Hinchcliffe era which is known for its Gothic Horror t, it’s part of the popular idea of the show about making kids hide behind the sofa. I can understand it scaring a child, but to suggest that it in anyway is harmful is just ridiculous. It’s not as if the show was suddenly full of gore, they had monsters made out of spray painted bubble wrap for crying out loud! Doctor Who is a show that doesn’t talk down to it’s audience, most of the time, and that’s what I don’t think Whitehouse and people like her got that. They’re so blinkered and patronising that they can’t see that if you don’t treat your audience like idiots, especially when children are a part of that audience, you’re actually helping them develop. Let kids get scared, let them encounter ideas they haven’t before and make decisions for themselves.

        Sorry, I get a bit ranty on this subject.

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      • That’s good to know. I did hear about other parts of the plot and I remember hearing that line somewhere. Forgot it was from that Monty Python movie.

        Thanks for clarifying which era of Doctor Who dealt with those issues. Yeah, those older monsters certainly aren’t like the CGI or animatronics like the modern day. Right on about Doctor Who not talking down to it’s audience. Don’t feel bad about ranting. You made great points and I agree with what you said even though I’m not the most knowledgeable about that series.

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  2. When I saw this list, the shows that immediately came into my mind were F-Zero GP Legend and Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Both shows were picked up by Netflix, and both of them never saw the completion of their full episode circuit. With the case of F-Zero, it was dropped after I believe ~10 episodes due to lack of interest, while GX’s 4th season got canned because the producers thought the previous season was “too dark and edgy”. As if the original show wasn’t that bad.

    And how dare they ban Sesame Street! That’s like the last show I’d think of that anyone would censor! It’s like if you took a beach ball and covered it in gift wrapping, it doesn’t make any sense.

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      • Don’t worry, I know you meant 4Kids since I do remember them licensing the F-Zero anime even though I never saw it. I didn’t know they didn’t show the whole series and I’m even more shocked that they didn’t show the 4th season of GX. It’s one thing for 4Kids being too scared to license Season 0, but to not show anything else especially since Yu-Gi-Oh is the only franchise that company owns to this day is baffling.

        I couldn’t believe that Sesame Street story and I didn’t know that until I did research for this Top 7 list. This makes the Jungle Emperor Leo (1997) movie look like Game of Thrones by comparison. Why would ANYONE want to ban an innocent show like that? I know it’s been back on the air in Mississippi ever since like the rest of America, but that really adds to the stereotype of that state being quite backward to say the least.

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      • Glad you agree. Sorry for the misinformation. I found out 4Kids went bankrupt and apparently Konami bought their assets. It does make sense since they already had the rights to the Yu-Gi-Oh card games, video games, and toys, but I’m glad they’re not going to butcher other anime series.

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  3. Ah I expected to see Kimba on this list. These are great examples in most cases how power corrupts. We are a country so we can ban this critique about us, we can afford better lawyers so we can out compete an original work for Disney. I mean I get why Disney sabotaged Kimba.. as they had to keep up pretending they wrote an orginal work. Yet it is funny! Whatever they did not steal from Kimba they basically stole from Hamlet. I cringe everytime my friends still call it good! I am more and more with you on this. I still do think that The Lion King can be a gateway for the superior Kimba.. but I really hate it when people justify their current movies by saying.. but it is Disney it doesn’t have to make sense… No! Disney stole some of it’s bigger hits and now that they have to fill in the blanks themselves they fail hard. Mulan again sucks! They completely miss their message.. so unless they base it on a fairy tale.. or work of others.. and copy the moral.. they can’t build a proper story!

    Germany did it with a lot of World War II movies as well, or at least to a point where all symbols had to be removed or massive implications were dubbed over to tell a completely different tale. While they would not flat out ban then .. they alter them in some cases sometimes to an extreme amount.

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    • Yeah, I mentioned the attempted JEL ban when I reviewed that movie and in a couple of other posts, so it was to be expected. Thanks for checking out that list. It’s bogus when you have countries and/or armies of lawyers to ban something for such stupid reasons. It makes way too much sense why Disney did that when JEL was about to be played in Canada. The fact they still deny Kimba is just frustrating. I know about some of the Hamlet comparisons, but even then those stories are different and it’s obvious which characters, plot points, and scenes were stolen from Tezuka’s work. Of course, Kimba’s main reputation since the 90s is that it’s “the anime The Lion King stole stuff from”. I certainly saw The Lion King first like so many people who weren’t alive during the 60s or 70s. Interesting point about how that Disney movie could be a gateway of sorts to Tezuka’s work. I definitely agree with you when it comes to those justifications and excuses about Disney. It’s one thing if they base their works on public domain or buying adaptation rights, which they’ve done before and I don’t begrudge them for it, but them lying about not seeing Kimba and trying to ban the JEL movie is super bogus. Are you talking about the Mulan remake or the original? There are times where they miss the messages and everything, so there’s no disagreements there.

      I didn’t know about that when it came to Germany, but I’m not surprised that it happened. One WWII movie that was German-made that I saw was Sophie Scholl: The Final Days which came out in the 00s which was great and historically accurate. Sophie Scholl is considered a national hero with helping to expose the Nazis’ crimes. That’s a great film even though it’s a tough watch.

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      • The Mulan remake basicly turned Mulan into some sort of super hero from the get go that is destined to be a hero and that can kick arrows with pin point accuracy.

        The original Mulan, which I also think is flawed but at least an attempt to make a movie that isn’t fully well known public domain, it was a story about percerverance and pride. About being forced into a role you do not want to be in and not able to function within certain roles in society.

        New Mulan completely misses the mark. Just like how Lion King Live Action was even worse because they did not take out the right message. They just slap on things to make them work in the way disney feels the world works nowadays.

        Lion King missed the mark as it no longer was a story about dealing with your past.. it was a story.. they just recast to make things more fitting.

        Mulan was a story about not accepting roles and not fitting in..but they thought.. Oh females don’t have to be weak anymore.. let’s make this a movie where a woman is a super hero!

        They do not want to make good movies, they want to be loved by the public.. and in that mentality trying to shut down Kimba makes sense as they stole work and while people know still not everyone does. So if they can keep it as limited as possible that to them justifies the means their breath is probably the longest of everyone in the entire world when looking legal buisnesses.

        Now Disney wants to retcon the last Star Wars Trilogy as well as far as I heard..creating an alternate timeline saying this will have happend in the AU and not the main universe… at least that is what the rumors are…

        It is as if Disney can’t deal with critique and is desperately try to save matter how big the fuck ups are.. So I am afraid they will never own up to Kimba either.

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      • Wow, that really ruins the point of Mulan. I guess I’ll stick with either the original Disney movie or the Chinese 00s live action remake Rise of a Warrior which I actually reviewed. Sure, it’s not perfect, but at least Mulan isn’t a superhero and you have the cultural accuracy since it was made directly by Chinese filmmakers. Even the director of Mulan: Rise of a Warrior intentionally made it to be different than the Disney version.

        Of course. The original Disney version has it’s own issues, but at least they got the core principle of subverting social roles and perseverance right. Interestingly enough, the original Mulan story predates tons of fairy tales by centuries.

        I wasn’t planning on watching the Mulan remake, but it’s good that I can just skip it. This remake looked like it was nostalgia pandering to adults who were old enough to have seen the Disney movie when they were kids to the extreme because it’s the first PG-13 remake of one of their animated films. Keep in mind the first movie was rated G! I’ll pass on this fake wuxia take on the story.

        Yeah, I heard how bad that Lion King remake was and how they didn’t try besides the CGI production.

        That doesn’t surprise me about the new Mulan movie. It is clear pandering not just with the 90s kids, but it plays up the #GirlBoss/Strong heroine motifs. Don’t get me wrong, I like strong female characters in fiction, but not where they end up as invincible Mary Sues that aren’t relatable or likable just to make some kind of statement if that makes sense.

        Of course. I don’t begrudge them for being a business making money, but Disney could at least put effort in the quality of their works and not use their giant PR machines to puff themselves up. Sure, you have more people hearing about Kimba over the past few years thanks to the internet, but there are still lots of people that don’t know about the controversy with these animated lion stories. I get that Tezuka Productions didn’t want to sue since Osamu and Walt Disney were friends in real life, but I’m even seeing Lion King fans who found out about the Kimba controversy who’ve said that Disney should’ve at least credited him and apologized about what went down at minimum especially with the evidence of the attempted cease & desist letter, the white Simba pre-production still, the Prodigy 1993 transcript where Roy E. Disney literally calls Sarabi “Kimba’s mother”, or other obvious things that speak for themselves like the glaring similarities between Claw and Scar.

        Disney is going to remake the original Star Wars trilogy? Dang, that’s desperate even for them. They should leave the original movies alone and stop this AU crap.

        That’s an accurate statement about the House of Mouse and I can’t argue with that. It is quite disappointing that Disney never owned up to the Kimba issue let alone the other things associated with The Lion King or other movies.

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    • It really was. I didn’t realize it when I saw it during my childhood, but from what I saw of the unedited version, it became more clear. Escaflowne deserved better.

      Yeah, that attempted Jungle Emperor Leo ban was so insane. It was the first time I’ve ever heard of a story where the “rip-off” was trying to sue the original. Funny enough, JEL ’97 parodies parts of The Lion King like a Pumbaa look-a-like getting shot by hunters, Mary holding up Lune (Leo/Kimba’s son) towards the sky, and the opening scene involves a bunch of the animals coming together to see the new cubs. Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know, right? Haha! That was Tezuka production’s way of some potshots despite Walt Disney being friends with Osamu Tezuka in real life. Those elements happen again in the Hon-O-Ji short film and the 2009 remake. The former has the most brutal parody aspect with Claw’s facial structure resembling Scar’s even more and they even have a scene which both references Belladonna attempting to kill a dangling Kimba off a cliff as well as Mufasa’s death scene which was framed similarly. The 2009 remake has a more low-key potshot where the main villain scientist tells his son Kenichi “Son, one day Neo-Jungle will be yours.”

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  4. You really hooked me in with that story about Escaflowne. I had no idea (or recollection) of this ever being on Fox Kids. Maybe we didn’t get it at all on the Dutch version, that wouldn’t be unusual.

    You also got me VERY interested in Birth of a Nation. I am going to see if I can watch that anywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I was unaware with how bad Escaflowne was mangled when it was shown on Fox Kids. It was so brief since they didn’t show remotely the whole thing before canceling it in America. The edited Escaflowne might as well have been there for a cup of coffee during it’s tenure on the network. I certainly remember other anime shows like Flint the Time Detective, Mon Colle Knights, and Dinozaurs lasting longer, that’s for sure. It’s such a shame because that anime block they had on Friday afternoons had so much potential especially since Fox Kids was on free TV as opposed to Toonami being on cable with Cartoon Network. They even had cool segments with popular songs in Japan or a Japanese word of the week during commercials.

      Really? That’s interesting. Birth of a Nation (2016) is a very intense movie that pulls no punches, so I’m going to warn you there. It also shows a VERY uncomfortable part of American history that’s rarely ever talked about. I’ll even admit that I wasn’t taught about Nat Turner when I was in school.

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  5. This is great! I haven’t heard about any of these films until now (the reason is most likely due to the reason you’re writing about them), it’s very illuminating to be aware of these kinds of unjust violations of artistic expression.

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    • Thanks! I was curious if you heard about some of these examples. The Jungle Emperor Leo one was so infuriating especially since it further proves that Disney totally knew about Kimba/JEL when they plagiarized multiple elements to make The Lion King. Camp de Thiaroye was certainly a shocking one because I didn’t know about the Thiaroye Massacre which happened just after WWII. It just angers me with how some countries and media are too scared to show certain kinds of movies.

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    • No problem, GlitterInformer. I’m glad you enjoyed it and learned something. It’s insane how certain movies get banned or sabotaged and there’s more examples besides those I mentioned. Boycott would be a good way to put it when it comes to Disney as I haven’t bought anything related to that company in years. I’ve also been a vocal critic of the House of Mouse on my blogs. Some other bloggers especially in the aniblogger community who know about my reviews weren’t surprised that Jungle Emperor Leo was on the list for obvious reasons for example.

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