1337 Likes! What’s your favorite post or review?

This was a nice unexpected milestone. According to WordPress, this blog has over 1337 likes. That’s awesome! For those not familiar with the joke, the number refers to Leet speak AKA 1337. I’d like to thank everyone who liked my posts on Iridium Eye. I hope to keep making quality content involving the best movies and series you’ve never heard of.

I have some questions for you.

1. What is your favorite movie or series I reviewed on Iridium Eye that you’ve seen before? If you haven’t seen anything, then which movie or series would you most want to see that I did review?

2. What is your favorite Top 7 list I’ve written?

3. How did you first discover Iridium Eye Reviews?

Be sure to leave a comment if you want to answer. I’ll make a separate blog post in 2 weeks collecting your answers and I’ll link to your blogs.


  1. Congrats! I’m not sure if I can call these my favourite because I still have to go through your back catalogue at some point to make a fair assessment, but ones that stick in my head are your review of ‘A Class Divided’ and Top 7 Non-Actors Who Should Try Acting. The former being a very interesting and relevant documentary to read about and the later being a very fun post.

    My memory may fail me on the last question, but I’m sure I first found you when you commented on one of my reviews, though please don’t ask me which one I generally have a memory like a sieve, unless you want some Batman or Doctor Who trivia. Congrats again on the likes.

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    • Thanks! That’s fine and understandable. I certainly have a lot of stuff in my back catalogue if you want to read them. That’s really cool that you liked those posts. A Class Divided is certainly still relevant today despite some of my issues with how the doc was made. That Top 7 list was super fun and I’m glad you recognized one of my picks with Russell Kane. Also, two of my other picks are from England, too (Chuck Mambo and Benjamin Clementine who are from Newquay and London respectively).

      That makes a lot of sense since I do remember commenting on some of your reviews a while ago. I think I discovered your blog through Scott if I’m not mistaken. Some Batman or Doctor Who trivia would be fun. Hahaha!

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  2. Nice!

    For me, the recent Top 7 Sabotages was fascinating and I think for the post I have to go back to your review of ‘Kurogane Communication’ because it was great to find someone else who’d seen and reviewed the series 🙂

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    • Thanks!

      Yeah, that Top 7 list was important to write and even I learned things in my research with those examples. Good call with Kurogane Communication. I swear you were the only blogger I knew who heard about that series and watched it.

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      • Exactly, and I can say the same about your review, too. Kurogane Communication should be more known. It’s a strong series that I think should’ve had a bigger impact especially in a post-EVA world.

        Yeah, I was surprised that an innocuous show like Sesame Street would be temporally banned, but in hindsight not surprised that Mississippi would do that given their reputation of having a ton of open racists living there as well as having political sway over the state.

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