Iridium Eye Quiz Party [working title]

I was recently inspired by Ashley from The Review Heap with his Quick Guessing Game series and Aizen Kuro’s post about beating an anime trivia game. You know, I’ve been known to bust out some trivia in all my posts. This may be something I do regularly or this could just be a one-shot. We’ll see how this goes.

I have a few questions involving the things I reviewed on this blog. You can search for the answers like an online scavenger hunt. Some questions will be easy while others will be more difficult. The first person to answer all the answers correctly will have their blog promoted on the next review after the answers are revealed.

Ready, everyone? Let’s go!

1: Who directed From Up on Poppy Hill?

2: Harumi Chono from Paranoia Agent is played by Kotono Mitsuishi. What famous anime superheroine is she best known for voicing?

3: Which Disney character bears several similarities (that’s me putting it nicely) to Claw from Kimba the White Lion?

4: Mitsuru Hongo directed the dark fantasy OVA Shamanic Princess. Which series did he direct that got exposure for being on Toonami back in the early 00s even though the show aired in Japan in the late 90s?

5: What city is pro wrestler Flash Morgan Webster from in the documentary Road Back to Malice?

6: U-Carmen’s dialogue and songs are in what native South African language?

7: The Human Resources Manager won how many Ophir Awards in its home country of Israel?

8: Bunny Wailer is one of the interviewees of the cricket documentary Fire In Babylon. What band was he in as a backup singer/percussionist? Hint: Think famous reggae bands.

Hopefully, this little experiment work out. I’m ready to promote the first blogger to get all the answers right.


  1. I know no questions that have not been answered… but Famous Female Hero.. Makes me wanna say..
    Sailor Moon.. mostly because .. I think you do prefer that older era of anime so I doubt it ‘s Gravity Girl from BHA.. we do not get that many Iconic females.. to be fair! But this is a tricky one!

    I knew Scar.. but to be fair.. I think the right answer is none.. there is only a straight up copy!

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    • The question about Kotono Mitsuishi in Paranoia Agent is right! She played Sailor Moon, so you’re correct. If you watch Paranoia Agent, you would never dell that she’s the same person who played Harumi.

      Everyone’s gotten the Claw question right because there is NO WAY Disney came up with Scar without ripping off Tezuka’s villainous lion. Hahaha!

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      • There is no way to not copy the character if you just put the entire script under the photo copier.. . in fairness they probably had it translate by some japanese translation intern who was new.. so thats why the story is slightly different.. but yeah I love those youtube videos that show how similar these two are

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      • That’s a good way to put it. I’ve been seeing more videos and articles about the two lion stories. Scott showed me The Lion King Lie and there were similarities I didn’t even think about with their names being a before and after situation (claws leave scars), and the deleted storyline in the movie with Scar wanting Nala as his queen (they kept it in the Broadway production though). Also, I found out recently that Scar was based on the Barbary lion which are a breed where the males have natural black manes. Tezuka explicitly made Claw a Barbary lion, so that’s another similarity!

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      • I stumbled upon a Lion King Remake today… I thought of you when I saw this.. it is one of those horrible versions.. so I thought you might like it better this way!

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