Top 7 Reasons Why Writing Reviews Is Cathartic for Me

Here’s the last Top 7 post for 2020. I wish that I had a more fun post to end this year, especially with a more negative Top 7 list that was written when I was very frustrated. Maybe I can end something with something that’s somewhat positive. Blogging has been therapeutic for me. It allowed me to be open and honest with others while allowing me to share my knowledge or to use avenues for creativity in multiple disciplines. Getting into reviewing films, anime, and docs, especially the ones that aren’t talked about as much or at all. Sadly enough, part of this stems from doing my best to prove myself to others by showing what I know, but at the same time, I do want to have an outlet to bring light to these films as well as give my own thoughts on them.

Here are 7 reasons why Iridium Eye has been cathartic for me.

7: Research is fun for me.

Okay, I’m quite nerdy about numerous things which can really show in some of my interactions with others. Not just in film, but also with geography, storytelling, and some forms of music even though I’m nowhere near as much of a music fan as I used to be. I like being able to learn about the different actors, directors, studios, or inspirations that went into each thing I review even if I don’t like it. This allows me to give my own commentary on various media and sometimes can make something better in some situations after watching what I’m about to review. Things like a country’s international movie scene or someone’s filmography can be quite fascinating.

6: This allows me to be an advocate of sorts, oddly enough.

I certainly advocate for giving lesser-known creators time in the spotlight on this blog. Sure, I’ve reviewed things from more renowned directors, creators, or even actors, but I felt like there were so many great movies and series out there that people aren’t talking about. I don’t want to canonize myself as a saint of reviewing obscure media, but I do feel like it has become a bit of an obligation or a labor of love outside of work and my other creative projects. There have been other things that I’ve advocated for if one has read a multitude of my posts such as positive racial representation, exposing cinema from countries one wouldn’t think would have a movie scene there (or at least countries most people haven’t heard of), calling out film plagiarism controversies, and with certain documentaries out there…shedding a light to some serious issues even if they get quite uncomfortable. Iridium Eye has helped me to stand up for different people and ideologies even if I feel like the only one who is standing up at all.

5: Critiquing is another form of creativity.

It’s very fascinating seeing all the different film and anime reviewers putting their thoughts online for what they critique. Some have creative scoring systems, a great sense of humor, laser-focused analytical skills, and have even exposed me to movies or series I never thought I wanted to see which is awesome. Hopefully, I’ve done my best to be creative in my approach to reviewing. I know I go for a more minimalist approach that isn’t so reliant on screenshots most of the time, but I hope things have worked. I try to use humor when appropriate, come up with unique viewpoints on different aspects of what I critique and even come up with metatextual references like if I review something with someone who’s played a similar character or something like that. Maybe people enjoy what I do. I don’t know, but it does feel good making these posts.

4: I have rediscovered my fandom of world cinema, anime, and documentaries while learning even more as I started this blog.

I’ve had an interest in international cinema and documentaries even though I’ve been quiet about it for years. I got back into anime a few years ago after I had a hiatus of sorts when I was busy with so many other things. Reviewing all of this media has rekindled those interests where I get to talk about them to the best of my ability. After getting my degree, I thought it would be good to use some of that media/film experience in a format like this one. I have also reviewed things I saw years ago by design which I explicitly mention how I first discovered something. Not every time has been perfect, but I was able to have a sharper eye for critiquing things in general.

3: This allows me to practice my writing skills.

Some of you know that I write poetry and fiction. Those things are great to write, but I’m not going to be a two-trick pony as a writer. Creating these analytical pieces has been a godsend in articulating my thoughts on how much I like or dislike what I’ve watched. I felt that I’ve been a stronger writer as well as a better storyteller when I see all these stories in different genres or media playing out in front of me. They can be fiction or fact (mainly documentaries for the latter even though some are very slanted), but that has also inspired me in my other fields. These reviews and Top 7 lists do allow me to be a well-oiled machine when it comes to writing.

2: I can be passionate about certain subjects and I won’t be criticized for these passions.

This one is huge because I’ve been bullied for things I liked (and even still like). I can write with so many emotions from pure joy, anger, sadness, and everything in between. It’s amazing to be honest about how I feel about what I watch and the things I do. In my offline life, people either didn’t get my passions or felt that I had too much emotion on different subject matters which the latter felt like low-key shaming (more on that in my #1 post) me. There have been times when my fervor comes out when I praise a movie or series for being unique or artistic. One has also seen the times when I was seething in rage when I excoriated racist content or how someone plagiarized another person’s work, especially in Hollywood. Even the subject matter is quite diverse on the blog. Do you know any other review blogs or sites that have posts involving silent films, musicals, Nollywood, long-form music videos, Irish animated works, avant-garde anime, or even documentaries involving Welsh pro wrestlers? Iridium Eye can allow me to be unfettered at times where I can fully express my thoughts in the context of movies and anime.

1: I can actually feel liberated and not silenced with these thoughts (or as much as I can with the state of the internet).

I’ve been bullied or shamed in silence. Some abusive people who have been in my life thought I was too loud or too outspoken regardless if I said something I shouldn’t have or for daring to defend myself verbally. This has helped me to strengthen my voice by mentioning something like fandoms or even more intense subjects like colonization for example. I can express these reviews and even drop uncomfortable truths to my viewers. Even with my opinions, I wanted to be intelligent in my responses whether someone would agree with me or not. There was a kind of freedom in that. I still have a ton of things to work on, but I’m glad to have this little blog to cover my passions about the best movies or series you’ve never heard of. It’s a miracle I even have readers or that people actually respect my opinions.

Thank you, everyone.


  1. A lot of these reasons are why I enjoy writing reviews as well. I have the hardest time starting reviews sometimes, but the act of writing them is just so mentally releasing and invigorating in a lot of ways.

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  2. Great points! Its awesome that writing has been so beneficial to you and has provided you with so many opportunities. I also find writing to be a great therapeutic outlet for me as well. Sometimes it can become a chore, but those times where I get lost in what I’m writing really help me reset my emotional state. Believe it or not, my text wall ramblings help me a lot here because sometimes I overthink (and overfeel) too much, especially when I’m having particular trouble struggling with anxiety or depression, so getting it all out in text format is a great way for me process everything. There have been numerous times where I’ve written blog post-esque articles just for myself (without posting them) just because I wanted to get some things off my chest.

    7 – Research enthusiast pals! lol I love whenever I get to do extensive research on whatever I’m reviewing or discussing. That’s why I’m enjoying my Flint the Time Detective SDCs so much more than I thought I would. Every episode provides me with another chance to research some historical figures and events. As of right now I’m reading up on Auguste Rodin because of it, and I’m learning a lot.

    6 – It’s really awesome that you’re always putting a spotlight on lesser known things, whether it be smaller bloggers, filmmakers, genres, issues etc. A lot of people just aim for the popular stuff to get views and engagement, but you prove that you can still find plenty of success in celebrating the hidden gems.

    5 – It’s amazing how creative everyone is with their posts. You tend to find more diversity with styles, senses of humor and viewpoints in blogging communities than you do with big-time publications. I like to have fun with my posts a lot, even if sometimes my sense of humor/weirdness gets lost on the readers.

    4 – Discovering new things about yourself is a great point of self-growth, and sharing those interests and opinions with others may allow them to adopt new viewpoints or discover new things about themselves as well. 🙂

    3 – I’ve really struggled with this. In fact, I’m actually setting up to post something explaining why I struggle a lot with developing writing skills that I really want to have. I know I’ve improved in overall quality over the past 10+ years (Hoping no one ever finds my original reviews. They bring a cloud of shame to the countryside) but I still have yet to develop skills in areas that I’ve wanted to explore more.

    I’m really glad that you’re branching out and doing so much as a result of all your time with blogging. I don’t know much about poetry (ask my college creative writing professor. Hehehe….he….*cough*) but I love fiction, and I think you’re really great at your craft.

    2 – Freedom in your own creative space is so important. I still get nervous about any poor reception, but our blogs are ours. I kinda like to think of them as an online home. We write for ourselves first and foremost and if other people have something to say, fooey on them!….Unless it’s a good thing, in which case, no fooey, have a hug. ❤

    1 – Building off of the previous point, yes, yes, yes! No one should ever be told to silence themselves over anything they think, feel or are interested in. Say it loud, say it proud and keep up the awesome work! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Fiddletwix! It certainly has been useful to me. I’m glad it’s been cathartic for you, too. I wasn’t aware of that when it came to your famous text wall comments. I thought about the previous text wall conversations we had in the past and this really gives some of them a new dynamic in hindsight. It’s disheartening hearing about anxiety and depression, but I can relate to that (more so the latter, but that’s a long story). I wasn’t aware of that being a form of therapy for you. That’s an interesting idea with making private blog post-length articles just for yourself. I haven’t thought about that before.

      7: Hooray! Yeah, it’s been fun. I put a ton of Fun Facts with No New Kinda Story since it involved a record label I was a HUGE fan of when I was younger and new stuff without having to look things up. Hikaru no Go had a ton of fun facts. Whenever I watch a movie from a country I’m not familiar with, it can be just as fascinating. Good call with Flint the Time Detective because the historical aspects make perfect sense to add facts an anecdotes.

      6: Thank you. Yeah, I’ve seen so many people only go after the popular stuff in their blogs and I can tell some of them only do this for views. I guess my blog despite being small is more secure. There have been times where Iridium Eye is the only place that has a review for a certain movie or series and my posts show up in the first page and in some cases the top spot. My top 7 Underrated Anime Villains List (one of my popular posts since I had it last year) actually showed up high in google searches for “underrated anime villains” which shocked me. I’ll also ignore a low hanging fruit that stems from who was on that list and how that may or may not have gotten a LOT of attention last year. It’s been great showcasing all of these obscure works that people may not have heard of.

      5: I certainly feel the same way. I like seeing the different writing and presentation styles of different bloggers. Very true about bloggers vs. professional reviewing entities. I also see more heart in different bloggers when they post something. Sometimes my humor can be lost in translation like a deadpan approach or obscure references.

      4: Definitely. I’ve certainly learned things in my research, but also from other bloggers of different categories.

      3: Really, now? I would like to read that post once it’s ready. Don’t worry about your old reviews. I know the feeling about old shame, too. There are areas that I want to develop as a writer as well like covering different forms of media or even having some academic non-fiction writing in the future.

      Thank you very much, Fiddletwix. Granted, my work life doesn’t let me blog 24/7 obviously, but I do my best to make time whenever I can. Posting poetry, fiction, music, videos, and these reviews have been fun.

      2: Exactly! I get nervous about my writings as well. My older reviews seem to meander and I didn’t have as much of an identity yet, but I’m still proud of them as they show the evolution of my blog. A home is a good comparison. I do my best to be respectful to others even if I may not always agree with the content. It’s one reason why I like WordPress more than the usual social media suspects since I don’t have to deal with online toxicity as much in this platform.

      1: Thank you and that really means a lot. I appreciate you encouraging me for using my voice on here and my other blogs. Getting back into blogging has helped me be more outspoken even though I’m still very much an introvert (weird to think of myself as much given my habit of commenting on people’s posts a lot). You and some other bloggers have been helpful in encouraging me to not be silent whether it’s opinions on movies or talking about serious issues. A few of them said they’ve even learned new things after reading my stuff or conversing with me in the comment section, so maybe I’m doing something right. You have no idea how much it means to me for anyone to tell me to be more outspoken.

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  3. Great post and I can really see you get reflected in these reasons.

    I think writing about things make me think deeper about them, lots of the content I enjoy while it may be much more of a popcorn level then your selected media.. if you give them some deeper thought there an be more inthem than you might think.. say for example that new season of digimon. In a way that is a bit similar to your Reason number 4 I guess. I have reason to experience at more than face value

    I also helps me declutter my head , kind of similar to your reason 2. I often have a lot of thoughts in my head, feelings of love for a Pokemon or an anime that otherwise do not get understood in my direct environment .. an empty passion I can do nothing about.. by putting them on paper.. whether the post gets read or not I at least could convert that excitement or even me being upset at a bad episode or a trend in gaming into something that is no longer in my head and it gives me peace and pleasure. It also has a lot of relation with your number 1… but I think that one fits in with my third reason a bit better

    I really want to be able to be validated as me.. I want to be able to say what is on MY mind.. not the sheeple. If I want to say I think the last two avengers movies are overrated without the crowd yelling boo.. I got my blog. I might not have as strong as a thing to advocate for such as you but it is nice to see people connect on some things. Like how you discussing Hikaru no Go with me, at least gives me the idea.. these thoughts matter.. if they are shared or not.. by putting our ideas on a blog they can become worth something to someone.. and just from that notion alone I draw strength from them.

    I watched a lot of Flint the Time Detective when I was younger I really loved that show.. I think it aired just before Oban Star Racers, which while much more trashy has SUCH an interesting backstory once you look into it. I mostly do research for my Pokémon posts and don’t always enjoy it.. but I love how even a show that is about Podracing.. has a pretty amazing story behind it.. and I love that and sometimes i do feel my tastes are a bit “cheap” .. but with a little bit of research I discover there are some awesome people behind the easy to digest things as well (sometimes… a big studio that is easy to digest I am not as big of a fan of how they work.. I think you’d agree) I don’t blog to research.. myself.. but it helps my other reasons!

    I might not become a better writer from writing as much as I do.. I am not sure my style allows me to improve as much and I honestly think the WordPress community is a bit to sweet to properly learn how other perceive my work to be fair. I do get it with works like yours though and lot of other people! So hope it really works out for you!

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    • Thank you so much, Pinkie!

      Those are some good points especially when it comes to one’s blogging content.

      Same here about decluttering one’s mind. Yeah, bloggers can have a ton of thoughts and it’s good to put them on paper or in a blog post.

      Is that so? I’m glad you feel the same way when it comes to speaking your mind. Not all of my opinions are popular and it’s not just because I cover a ton of obscure stuff (wait until Saturday for my next review…MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!) To be fair, I think The Avengers are overrated as well. Maybe it’s because I’ve had superhero burnout for the past couple of years. Hikaru no Go was a really fun review with mentioning the things I know, why I liked it, and explaining how it’s one of the most unique series out there. It’s awesome people liked my review of that particular series.

      I used to watch that show when I was a kid. Where I’m from, it was part of Fox Kids’ short lvied anime block, so it would share airtime with Digimon, Mon Colle Knights, and the mangled dub of Escaflowne back in the day. That’s totally fine when it comes to researching or not. There can be fun facts that can be found.

      I’m sure you’ll improve in different ways. I’ve certainly noticed a more diverse set of topics while still being uniquely Pinkie compared to when I first started checking out your blog. Just keep at it! Your comment is much appreciated.

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