Iridium Eye: 2020 in Review Pt. III -Thoughts and Goals-

2020 was my most viewed year in Iridium Eye history. I guess my blog could’ve offered some mild entertainment or brain food for those struggling with the quarantined world. Thank you very much. I was also happy to have some dialogue about certain things going on. There were great conversations about the things I’ve reviewed and it also felt cathartic talking about my experiences being a melanated blogger especially when racial tensions were high. I used to hide my heritage, but over the past couple of years, I became more upfront about it here. It did warm my heart to see people being inspired by some of those personal posts. It really meant a lot to me.

Here are my goals for 2021:

-Complete 3 directorial filmographies

-Review 3 anime projects I’ve seen before, but never reviewed

-Review a movie from one country per continent that has never been featured on the blog before

-Review at least 1 remake

-Do a Top 7 list every month

-Have 3 collabs this year and one of those has to be with someone I never collaborated with for a review before

-February will be a Black History Month themed project and there will be two reviews every Saturday that month. This will feature Black directors, creators, themes, and/or actors with a notable presence in the story (if it’s not a documentary).

-3 reviews must be connected to series I’ve covered before

-1 review must be an entry into a movie or series that didn’t have anything else attached to it

-Review something involving a film plagiarism controversy that’s never been covered in a review before (I have some ideas. Hee hee hee hee…)

-Review 5 movies that I’ve seen before, but never reviewed on the blog

-Review 3 movies or series that are “alternate universes” of Disney flicks such as having the same source material for example. I will credit Winst0lf for this idea. Also, he said anything involving Kimba the White Lion or Nadia: Secret of Blue Water can count for obvious reasons. :3

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