25K+ Views! Iridium Eye Q&A Time!

I have recently reached a milestone on Iridium Eye Reviews! Over 25,000 views on the blog!
I’m just a little nobody blogger, but it’s cool how people actually want to read my thoughts on random obscure movies, anime, documentaries, and short films. Thank you so much to those who have read my posts on here.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’m going to have another Q&A session for Iridium Eye. Here are some basic rules.

-Please be civil and appropriate with your questions.

-Your questions can be related to film, documentaries, anime, filmmaking, critiquing, top 7 lists, and blogging given the theme of this blog.

-You can post up to two questions per comment. Please don’t ramble though.

I’ll have this up for two weeks, and I’ll answer your questions.

Thank you, everyone!

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