100 Followers! Woohoo!

This is amazing news I got the other day. After reviewing the best movies and series you’ve never heard of for 4 years now, Iridium Eye has over 100 followers on this blog! This certainly made me smile finding out about this. I would like to thank Cindi from Moondance Pages for being the 100th follower on here. Thank you very much!

I want to do something special for this occasion and this will be a fun little post. For starters, I have thought about some things that I’ve noticed since starting the blog here.

-I’ve been exposed to different movies and series from several countries. My thoughts on film from different angles has greatly expanded.

-I’ve become more outspoken and not shying away from certain opinions even if they can be controversial.

-I got to have great conversations about anime, movies, and documentaries with so many bloggers here.

It has been great using my writing skills and knowledge about world cinema in this platform. For this post, I want you to answer some questions I have for you.

-What movies or series have you seen that I’ve reviewed on here?

-What movies or series do you want to see that I’ve reviewed on here that you haven’t seen before?

-What things have you learned from with my reviews and Top 7 lists?

-What are your favorite things about Iridium Eye?

-What types of movies or series would you like to see featured on Iridium Eye that would fit within the parameters of this blog?

Feel free to answer one or more of these questions if you so fancy. Also, you can ask me a question about this blog or film criticism in addition to these aforementioned questions. As always, please keep it civil.

Hope you have a great day! Tomorrow, I have an anime review scheduled. I won’t say what it is, but it’s based on a video game series and it’s connected to one of my first reviews ever.


  1. Nice!!

    There are a few things I’ve learned from Iridium Eye – especially around Disney but also little-known anime like ‘Yugo the Negotiator’ which I hope to review one day soon(ish)!

    I also wasn’t aware of the Gil-Scott Heron documentary before and definitely have it on my list to watch.

    I do have one recommendation for a series that I know you’ve seen but I’m pretty sure isn’t here on Iridium Eye, which is ‘Mushi-Shi’ 🙂

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  2. Thanks, Ashley!

    That’s pretty cool. I’ve certainly had my critiques of Disney and some of my reviews certainly added to that fire like Mickey Mouse Monopoly, The Lion’s Share, and Mickey Mouse Goes to Haiti when it comes to the company. That’s not even counting some observations with certain other reviews and Top 7 lists. :3 I’m really looking forward to your review of Yugo the Negotiator. I’m so happy you were willing to check it out. That anime is mad underrated.

    Sweet! That’s definitely one to check out and it’s great knowing there’s others who like Gil Scott-Heron.

    Very good choice. That is one series I do want to review on here. It won’t be for a while, but I’ll do my best to find time to watch it when I can.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the diversity of the blog and the content on here. It’s been great having a platform here where I can talk about various movies, documentaries, and anime.

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