Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture Review [Collaboration with Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews]

Scott and I collaborate again! This time around we get to cover the Fatal Fury movie.

Mechanical Anime Reviews

It’s been a while since we collabed, but here we are talking about a fighting game movie! Fun times, right? The original plan came to be for this review because of the new Mortal Kombat film. This post is coming out a month and some change after that premiered, but that’s ok. We had fun discussing this film anyway. Please read our thoughts on it because this one was a fun time for both of us considering that we came from different backgrounds regarding SNK and Fatal Fury material. To know more about that, read the following stuff!

In this collab, I will be in normal text and Ospreyshire will be in bold text! Please read some of his work on Iridum Review here:Link and Ospeyshire here: Link.

S: Hello one and all. It’s time to discuss the workings behind a fighting game anime film. Fatal Fury to…

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