30K+ Views on Iridium Eye! Q&A Special

I have reached another milestone at Iridium Eye. Recently, I’ve been getting a boost from my UK viewers given my newest Top 7, but I also got over 30K views after this screenshot was taken. Thank you to all who have viewed my blog. I know I’m still small potatoes, but it’s encouraging seeing this labor of love getting some views from all around the world.

For this occasion, I’ll have a Q&A session for this post. Just remember to be civil with your questions. Feel free to ask me things involving international movies, documentaries, anime, obscure films, short films, animated works, reviewing things etc.

Thank you for reading my various writings about the best movies and series you’ve never heard of.

Also, my next review coming this Saturday actually stars someone who was in my most recent Top 7 list and this is going to be a wacky project that was released to end 2020. Tee hee… :3


    • Interesting question. I certainly know what you mean by the obvious or rather with which continent you were referencing. That’s saying nothing how I cover anime. Haha! I realized most of the documentaries I’ve covered have been from England which is a bit hilarious given my newest Top 7 post’s topic. Besides that, I’ve enjoyed multiple movies from Colombia, Iran, and surprisingly France. If we’re talking about the “obvious” continent, then I’d say Senegal and South Africa.


    • Thanks, Terrance! Granted, I didn’t get that many views this week, but that was an accomplishment as well as it leading to over 30K views.

      Very good question. I guess this is somewhat predictable given my tastes in anime, but I would say Haibane Renmei with what the anime was trying to do. It was meant o have a dreamy feel while also being artsy at the same time. The emotional elements with the characters (especially Rakka and Reki) really resonated with the acting and aesthetics of the series.

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    • Thank you very much, Iniksbane.

      Wow, I really had to think about that. I’ve certainly seen as well as reviewed bad indie movies. One could certainly argue about what’s good or bad subjectively. Even if I watch something bad, something could be hilariously bad. Then I think about the grand scheme of things about Disney vs. the indie director with what both have done. In short, I’d probably go with the bad indie movie.


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