No review, but Merry Christmas anyway!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a review scheduled for Christmas Day. Sorry about the inconvenience. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

However, I will make the last review of 2021 for this Tuesday. I’m not going to say what I will review, but this one will be an anime post. It’s not Christmas related, but it’s something I’ve wanted to see for a while even if it’s a darker story.


      • It was okay. Pretty big lack of Christmas spirit or cheer and I couldn’t do nearly as much as I usually do for the holidays, but I got by alright. I got a new scanner and baked cookies and relaxed by a 24 hour Christmas fireplace feed lol so I was fairly content.

        How was your holiday?

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      • Gotcha. Sorry to hear that about the lack of Christmas spirit, but it still sounded like you were doing your best to make it work regardless. Nothing wrong with a fireplace feed. Haha!

        It was alright. Just lowkey and chill, but there were good things going on.

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