500+ Post Special! Also, a “Who Am I?” Game ensues?!?

It took a while, but I finally surpassed 500 posts! It was originally supposed to be for my Ringing Bell review, but I thought I would make a separate post. I can’t believe I made that many posts since 2017. Thank you to everyone who read and liked my reviews, Top 7 lists, and other various posts. Maybe I can write 500 more.

Let’s play a little game. It’s a case of Who Am I where I pretend to be an actor/actress, director/creator, and a character all based on things I’ve reviewed on the blog. Whoever gets them right will be promoted in a future post. Leave your answers in the comment section, please. I’ll do my best to make the questions easy and will mix up both popular and lesser-known examples.

Actors & Actresses:


I’m of Ghanian and Sierra Leonean descent.
I was featured in the independent film Second Coming which was reviewed here.
Some of my previous roles include a Marvel character, a live-action version of a Disney villain, a leader of an organization with giant robots, and I’m going to play a video game character in an upcoming sequel.


I’m a notorious voice actress as well as a singer. Interestingly enough, a lot of anime I’ve been in had my songs as themes.
As far as Iridium Eye is concerned, I’ve been featured in posts such as Paprika, Fight!! Spirit of the Sword, and The Dragon Dentist.
Some of my other roles that haven’t been featured on this blog include a sorceress, a fighting gynoid, a blue-haired emotionless robot pilot, and a future wife of a shaman.


(Here’s the trickiest one)
Calling me an actor is an interesting choice, but I have been involved in various film and drama works for a while.
I’m originally from Romford, England and I’ve been featured in two reviews on Iridium Eye both in character and out of character as well as acting as well as co-directing one work.
For my “main job”, my biggest accomplishment is being the longest-reigning Progress World Championship which I still hold at the time of this review.

Directors & Creators:


I’ve written multiple works that have been serialized in Shonen Jump. Two of them are quite popular, especially one that got the remake treatment. My wife is the creator of Sailor Moon. The thing that I created that was reviewed here was a pilot OVA of my 2nd biggest series (the one that got the remake).


I never expected any of my works to be reviewed on Iridium Eye given how mainstream I am despite passing away. That movie that was reviewed is associated with a plagiarism controversy that’s tied to Pixar’s biggest franchise. I’m originally from Mississippi, but I moved away. Also, I have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as myself and as a character who doesn’t think it’s easy to be green.


I’m an ex-Ghibli animator, but I did direct two of their movies (both have been featured here) before starting my own company. All of my directorial works have been distributed by GKIDS. Outside of my Ghibli filmography, I directed a movie about a red-headed mage-in-training as well as an anthology project of sorts.



Everyone knows who I am and my story, but people mainly know the 90s animated variant of me. I’m from France and from a working-class background. I become a princess by marriage after someone who I had no interest in at first (that would be problematic on so many levels) finally transformed to his original self. Sigh…All I wanted was a rose from that enchanted garden though…


I’m a superheroine who is NOT owned by Marvel or DC. I hide my identity by pretending I’m a male literature high school teacher. Even though I look human, I’m actually an artificial being. My associate is a panther and I fight against various mutants that my creator has sent to subdue me. Someone by the name of Jessica Alba played a “clone” of me. Oddly enough, my story happened to share airtime with shows such as Digimon and Power Rangers in America.


I never thought I’d get caught up in playing some ancient board game. There’s also this weird guy with a deadly notebook that technically has the English version of my name (said notebook holder is from one of the creators of my story). Yes, I’ve got a supernatural being attached to my mind, but I swear I’m not like that OTHER more popular Shonen Jump protagonist who uses him to cheat all the time. Besides that, I’ve been doing my best to go pro with this game I never thought I’d like and my rival is a prodigy with a dad who’s in the same profession, but he gives me crap for not taking this seriously enough.

Anyone want to give this a try?


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