Some questions for you and the fourth attempt at a quiz

I don’t have a review today so I thought I would do something different. I just have a few questions for my readers.

What are your favorite kinds of Top 7 lists?
What kinds of movies and series would you like to see covered more (within reason of Iridium Eye’s concept)?
Would you be interested in seeing new content on here outside of reviews and the lists?
Who would be interesting collaborators for a future collab review?

Okay, now I’ll try a fun quiz based on things I’ve reviewed or involved Top 7 lists of.

1: Which studio animated Hikaru no Go?

2: Nsereko in my Top 7 BritWres Documentary list is originally from what African country?

3: Andy Serkis directed and acted in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. In addition to his numerous acting and motion capture work, which Marvel movie did he just direct that came out a few months ago?


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