Some words about the upcoming Everything Patterned: London show

I don’t usually post on Mondays, but I thought I would take this time to make a post that’s a bit different than the usual movie and anime fare that you all know for. As some of you know, I’m a fan of indie BritWres. I’ve mentioned that the ket moment that made me a fan of that scene was Wrestling Resurgence’s Everything Patterned show back in 2019 for UK Black History Month. It was a wonderful celebration of diversity and positive representation in the context of pro wrestling. After almost 3 years later because #COVIDRuinsEverything, the sequel is FINALLY coming and Progress Wrestling is going to host it which is huge. No disrespect to Resurgence obviously, but Progress is one of the biggest federations in the UK and they have streaming distribution deals with Peacock in America as well as the WWE Network everywhere else in the world. This features a very diverse lineup with wrestlers of Black, East Indian, Asian, and Polynesian descent and even from multiple countries such as England (obviously), America, New Zealand, India, and Canada. For those of you from the UK, Everything Patterned: London will happen at The Dome in England’s capital city and it will be on March 23rd. It will be filmed and eventually be featured on Demand Progress, Peacock, and the WWE Network.

I thought it would be important to feature “Big Wavy” Roy Johnson’s video on the matter since he created that event, to begin with. Some of you should recognize that name from my Top 7 BritWres documentary list since he should get his own documentary. Roy wanted to do something with the indie BritWres scene since there are several dozen wrestlers of different colors who live or reside in the UK, but the scene hasn’t always been great in booking or featuring them. The story about him and his nephew was really powerful in how Roy wants to show him something positive in his pro wrestling fandom. Please check out the video to discover how Roy came up with the idea and his personal story. It’s quite powerful regardless if you like pro wrestling or not.

I hope this show sells out and launches the careers of so many talented people. If you’re curious about what Everything Patterned is like, here’s a YouTube playlist involving the first show at Resurgence that you can watch for free!

I know it’s a divergence from my usual posts, but I wanted to do my best to spread the word and to help out however I can. The typical posts will happen afterward, so don’t worry.

Fun Fact: Some of the competitors confirmed have been featured in some of my reviews such as TK Cooper, Warren Banks, and Gisele Shaw (also the current Progress Women’s Champ).

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