Top 7 Casting Choices that Will Destroy Your Perceptions of Certain Characters (That Are Not Obvious)

Over the past several months, I made some positive Top 7 lists. They were fun to post and offered some temporary relief from the life struggles I’ve had. It was great to get various responses and to have creative topics.

Unfortunately, I internalized a LOT of negative feelings during that time period and I have to let some of them out for this list.

I’m no stranger to making some scathing rants in some of my reviews and a few Top 7 lists, but I am dealing with some really serious stuff for this topic. Cancel culture has become a thing across entertainment and media. Are there people who get canceled unfairly because of some over-exaggeration or false accusations? Absolutely. Are there people who get canceled who totally deserve it? Certainly. However, there are people who do horrible things, but still have careers or have their transgressions minimized depending on the situation. For me, I get furious when I see and hear people doing a complete madness, but they are treated with kid gloves. I think about the times in my life when I’m treated like Satan for the littlest things, but others do far worse and get away with it. There are times when I think “If I did this or that, I’d be severely punished!” when I hear about some horrible things on the news (that rarely get attention) or in situations close to me. At the same time, I’m tired of some people who use the “separating artists from their art” excuse as a psychological get-out-of-jail card to preserve whatever (feigned) purity their fandom has. All I can say is never look up to your heroes. They will ALWAYS disappoint you!

Look, I’m no saint. I struggle with internalized anger, depression, low self-esteem, judging others by what they like or dislike, holding grudges, assuming the worst out of others if I don’t know them too well, not making snappy comebacks, and I occasionally become a people-pleaser at times although it’s not as bad as it was when I was younger. The judgmental aspect is something I justify because I’ve been pre-judged because of my race, mental health, or by things that I like, so I feel like I’ve earned the right to judge others as they ignore the planks in their respective eyes to reference scripture a bit. What I can’t stand is how people who have done FAR worse things than I have ever done in my life get a pass by fandoms and society at large which sickens me. In this case, I’m focusing on characters from movies and shows associated with certain actors and actresses who have committed terrible things, but most people don’t even know. Spare me your moralizing!

Here are my rules for this list:

-One character and movie/series are assigned per actor, but many cases could apply to other characters given someone’s reputation.

-My emphasis will be on people who seem to get a free pass or are treated softly for what they’ve done.

-I’m not putting obvious examples on here such as Mel Gibson, Armie Hammer, Woody Allen, or other various entertainers.

-I will try to rank this by how softly the person was treated after whatever crimes they committed with a mix of how many people probably know what they’ve done or not. This will be subjective, but I hope my ranking makes sense.

Before I get started, I’m going to give you all one final warning. This top 7 list is easily the angriest one I’ve ever created and I’m not going to hold back on my picks. Some, if not all of my entries will ruin your fandoms and in some cases your own childhoods depending on your age or exposure to certain works. I will discuss heavy subjects such as murder, sex crimes, child abuse, and human trafficking to name a few, so this information could be triggering. If I see any stupid comments or trolling, I will delete them. If you disagree with any of my picks, then please be civil about it. This list will be a tough pill to swallow, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I suggest you don’t read this if you’re feeling depressed or angry.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s dive into this jeremiad of a Top 7 list.

7: Tim Allen
Role: Scott Calvin/Santa Claus from The Santa Clause series

In this handout, American actor and comedian Tim Allen in a mug shot following his arrest for cocaine possession, Kalamazoo, Michigan, US, 2nd October 1978. (Photo by Kypros/Getty Images)

OH DANG! I’m actually going there with this list! I have to thank my sister’s boyfriend for bringing up this fact. How can Tim Allen end up on something related to Iridium Eye again in another angry Top 7 list? Last time, it involved Buzz Lightyear, but that is child’s play (Toy Story and Chucky puns not intended) compared to THIS! Before Tim Allen became a famous actor and comedian, he was once (get this!) a DRUG MULE! I can’t make this up to save my life. When Allen was in his twenties, he was in love with the coco and got involved in the trap game. In 1978, he got busted with half a kilo of cocaine. When he was found dead to rights, he almost faced a life sentence but ended up getting 2.5 years because he snitched on the rest of the drug lords in his circle. Hey, isn’t that the same reason why Takashi 6ix9ine got lambasted by the rap community even though that’s one of the tamer things he’s done? Anyway, he honed his comedy while in the pen and managed to have a career involving a lot of family-friendly movies and TV shows such as the aforementioned Toy Story, Home Improvement, and in this case…The Santa Clause.

I thought the parallels are quite morbidly hilarious in hindsight because one could argue that he got practice delivering the nose candy in a rent-a-car before delivering toys in a sleigh. Also, who is he to talk about who’s naughty or nice when he actually got a soft sentence for drug possession back in the 70s? Come on, now! People have gotten decades-long sentences for riding dirty with that much or less assuming if they weren’t falsely accused or had drugs planted on them. I guess that’s the case when you trade a trap house for a toy factory on the North Pole. At least the white stuff up there isn’t going to get people high in the process. I also have to go there when it comes to his political views, but Allen shouldn’t go on his boomer right-wing rants about lawlessness especially when you had Richard Nixon kicking off the War on Drugs which was admitted by one of his aides that it was a ploy to mass incarcerate Black people and the antiwar left. Oh, and if he was a Democrat, I’d be coming at him with that kind of energy with Joe Biden writing and cheerleading the Three Strikes Law during the Clinton Administration. You can miss me with that partisan nonsense because I’m not affiliated with a political party. Tim Allen got it way too easy when he became Father Christmas let alone his other roles in his long career.

6: Felicia Pearson
Role: Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from The Wire

This example is definitely a painful one, but I have to mention this given the concept of this list. Unlike Tim Allen, this example involves someone who played a supporting character in something I reviewed with Chi-Raq (more on that later), but I’m going to take on arguably her most famous role on TV outside of Love and Hip Hop: New York. Felicia Pearson plays the villain Snoop in the critically-acclaimed show The Wire which makes me facepalm given all the negative anti-Black implications of the story. What some people don’t realize is that she is a fictionalized autobiographical character and I’m not just talking about the fact that they have the same name. Yes, even the nickname was something she was called in real life when someone thought she resembled the Peanuts beagle character, not the rapper. Snoop is a gangbanger, drug dealer/user, and murderer in the show. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Pearson did any of those things in her real life? Yes, all of this is true even down to the fact that both she and the Snoop character are both from Baltimore. Felicia Pearson got to be a dealer when she was only in high school and got to murder a girl named Okia Toomer at the age of 14 years old. That’s just two years away from getting a driving license and she already got a body count. She got arrested and was convicted for two 8-year terms, but she ended up serving over half of that. You would think she would reconsider some of her choices in post-prison life by not playing a fictional variant of herself, but it didn’t stop there. She admitted to being in a drug bust in 2011 which would’ve been three years after The Wire aired its final episode. Way to improve your legacy, Felicia.

I ranked Pearson low on the list because she did get prison time, but she still got it easy from a punishment standpoint even with her rough life. I’m frustrated that she would degrade herself by playing a criminal who is a more hardcore gangster than she was in her real life. She wouldn’t get as long of a sentence if she was white, that’s for sure even if Pearson didn’t serve that much time to begin with! If I did the same thing that she did and got into acting, I wouldn’t want to play a villain like that. It is annoying how she gets a pass from some rap fans or those from that famous HBO show when others wouldn’t get the same treatment. I mean, Chris Brown didn’t kill anyone, but he was treated worse by the public (note: I still find him a disgusting human being). Going back to Chi-Raq, does this make her casting look hypocritical in hindsight when she and the other female characters have a worldwide sex strike to stop gang violence yet she was a murderer herself and was willing to play one on TV? Wow, that does seem like a major double standard now that I let that sink in. Pearson won’t be the only example on this list involving someone in the acting profession killing people. I just shake my head with Wire fans and how mainstream media props up Felicia Pearson and others to glorify the criminality they salivate over in some sick self-projection.

5: Allison Mack
Role: Chloe Sullivan from Smallville

Well, I didn’t expect to have a 3rd DC character involved with a Top 7 list so soon, but I do have to go there although for completely different reasons than the last time I mentioned those types of characters. I doubt Allison Mack will get back into acting anytime soon since she’s in prison right now, but I hope she stays canceled. So why is the actress who played that character from the famous Superman prequel TV series on this list? Here’s why. Some of you (especially those that know about true crime stories) might have heard of the heinous NXIVM scandal. For those who haven’t, let me break it down for you. NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) was a multi-marketing scam/cult disguised as a personal development company. On the surface, it looked like someplace to help actors and businesspeople be more creative and find self-empowerment. Screwing over the customers for their money would actually be the least offensive thing about this cult. They did human trafficking, enslavement, branded several women with a cauterizing pen, and wonton sexual abuse! Lou Pearlman didn’t even go that far with his immense Ponzi scheme as documented in The Boy Band Con! Allison Mack was a high-ranking NXIVM member who had her own class specifically for actors and even got to be a part of the DOS inner circle which was all about branding, slavery, and sex crimes. Mack TOTALLY knew about the unspeakable crimes and she got arrested like the other people involved. While she didn’t get 120 years like her boss Keith Raniere which he deserves, she still got hit with sex trafficking, the conspiracy of the former, and forced labor charges with a 3-YEAR sentence for all of that. People have been locked up for more time for a whole lot less than she did! Interestingly enough, the men got the harshest sentences. I know Allison Mack wasn’t the leader, but I’m just saying…

All of this makes the Chloe Sullivan character more sordidly ironic on so many levels. If you haven’t seen Smallville, she was a reporter for the school’s paper and is clearly one of the good guys as well as Lois Lane’s cousin in the series. Not only that, but she eventually becomes Green Arrow’s wife in that show’s universe! Instead of reporting the news or offering a healing touch, Mack ruined so many lives when she was involved in that massive cult. Why do all these heroic characters have to be played by such despicable people? I can think of several DC villains who would never even think of pulling off a NXIVM with their evil plans, so what should that tell you? I bet you all those victims would be hearing “Save Me” by Remy Zero in a much darker light, but in all seriousness, Allison Mack and the other NXIVM people deserve to rot in jail for what they’ve done. For shame, Chloe! For shame!

4: Illich Guardiola
Role: Hayate from Pretear

I know I mentioned this situation in my Cromartie High School review in regards to the dub, but this bears repeating since he still got a slap on the wrist. For those that haven’t read my review or know about that situation, let me repeat this. Illich Guardiola is a former voice actor in the anime industry (mainly ADV, their successor company Sentai Filmworks, and Funimation) and a drama teacher. He got busted for driving his then 16-year-old student Hope Harris in his car and she said that they had a sexual relationship together. Also, he would’ve been 41 going on 42 in 2014 when this happened. Was Guardiola arrested and had to register as a sex offender? Nope! He managed to weasel his way out of the situation because he was legally married to his teenage student up in Las Vegas with the consent of her parents. Okay, he isn’t in the voice acting game anymore and he was fired from his teaching job, but this was infuriating hearing this especially since he’s been in multiple anime I’ve seen and he’s been in some big-name works such as One Piece, Saint Seiya (the ADV uncut dub), and Gintama: The Movie.

For this example, I remembered his role in the dub of the magical girl anime Pretear. Yes, I’ve watched that anime before when I was younger and you all need to shut up. Okay, this Honduran-American voice actor played Hayate who is the leader of the Leafe Knights and helps out the main heroine Himeno Awayuki. If you haven’t seen Pretear, Himeno transforms into the titular role by “preating” with one of the Leafe Knights and gains their elemental powers depending on the knight (fire, electricity, light, etc.). The Leafe Knight in question is in Himeno’s consciousness as she’s in this magical girl mode and can communicate telepathically in this stage. Hayate is the first person to help her transform and while she’s wondering what is going on or where the knight is after donning that magical girl armor, he says that he’s inside her. He is talking about being in her mind and she misinterprets it as him being inside her body while calling him a pervert at first. It really doesn’t help that both characters fall in love later on. It really gets disturbing when you realize Himeno is literally the SAME AGE as Harris was when Guardiola was in a relationship with her! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I need to bleach my brain after having that realization which is what ruined the Hayate character in hindsight. Even if you’re a sub-purist, you’re not completely immune to the unfortunate implications because I found out in my research that Hayate is 18 in the series which makes their relationship VERY squicky in hindsight. I know it’s not the same age gap as Guardiola’s situation or like the relationship between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, but that is still something I frown upon. Wow, the whole anime looks sketchier and I only meant for this to lambaste Illich Guardiola when I outlined this thing! Life is stupid like that and I’m sure some Pretear fans are going to flame me now.

3: Jeffrey Jones
Role: Edward R. Rooney from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Now we’re going to get to some of the more controversial entries on this list. I get it, a lot of people like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the late John Hughes have been household names for movie directors even for those who don’t know about the film industry, but I have to mention Jeffrey Jones’s most famous role. It is a divergence because I’m talking about an antagonist unlike the other examples previously mentioned sans Snoop from The Wire and the ones I will mention later. Funny enough, I remember seeing the unhinged Dean of Students mentioned in some lists of “villains who had a point” since he’s technically doing his job and conversely stating that Ferris Bueller was a jerk who suffered from protagonist-centered morality (I won’t argue those points since there’s validity there in isolation), but the former argument gets invalid if you know anything about Jones’s personal life. Ed Rooney was chasing teens because they were playing hooky at school and had to punish them given his occupation. Jeffrey Jones on the other hand was chasing a teenage boy so he could get nude photos of him when the said boy was only 14 years old. To make matters worse, the actor even had a stash of child porn with him around that time. Holy crap on a freaking sandwich with scandals on the side, that is absolutely revolting! Keep in mind, this pervert was in other movies like Beetlejuice, Amadeus, and Stuart Little for crying out loud!

That case gets even worse. He pleaded no contest and only had to do probation, but he had to register as a sex offender. Then again, he avoided doing that multiple times in his life and wasn’t in the national system until LAST YEAR at the time of this article. Hey, did this stop his career? Nope! He was in several movies and TV series after that case, most notably in the Deadwood series which started two years after the fact and still got to show up for more acting work. Granted, he isn’t as relevant as he was in the 80s, but he still got paychecks for different films or TV projects. Jones’s crimes didn’t even get much mainstream attention until Deadwood: The Movie was being filmed and that came out in 2019! Even then, I didn’t see the #MeToo types get in to bust this guy a new one. The man behind the Ed Rooney character has no business being around children. Shame on the filmmakers who let him continue doing this in other films!

I can’t believe I’m going to rephrase a reference from a Moral Orel character, but it’s going to happen. If that example involving a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off cast member makes you sweaty, I’ve got an extra one for you. Oh, come on. It’s a nice one. By the way, it’s NOT Charlie Sheen because that would be an example I would find to be obvious. LOSING!

2: Tie between Matthew Broderick and Rob Lowe
Role: Simba from The Lion King series
(Broderick: The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride; Lowe: The Lion Guard)

OH SNAP! I didn’t expect to put another Lion King character as a Top 7 list entry at first, but after looking at some articles about celebrities committing crimes and seeing a certain name on them, I just HAVE to talk about it. It feels like so many Disney fans herald this movie franchise as a sacred image (especially the first movie) and me calling stuff out about it means I’m challenging the so-called “animated lion divine race” if you will. God forbid someone like me mentions the sins associated there!

I know Matthew Broderick is the main guy playing the lead protagonist, but I’m going to focus on Rob Lowe first. Don’t worry, I’ll excoriate him later on.

The Rob Lowe issue is something I briefly touched upon in my Top 7 list involving movies and series that were banned and/or sabotaged for stupid reasons. Interestingly enough, I mentioned this fact when talking about my entry of Birth of a Nation (2016) if anyone remembers. I used that example to show Gabrielle Union’s heinous hypocrisy about bashing the innocent Nate Parker yet had no problem co-starring with Rob Lowe. The show in question was none other than The Lion Guard where she was Nala and Lowe was Simba. What did this Charlottesville-born actor do? Back in 1988 when he would’ve been 24 at the time, he was caught on a sex tape with a 16-year-old girl in Georgia when he was campaigning for Michael Dukakis. The only reason why he got away with it was that the age of consent in that state was 14 at the time and he still has a successful career to this day. Illich Guardiola can’t even say that and he never got convicted for having an inappropriate relationship with a girl the same age as Lowe’s victim. It’s maddening how his name never came up during the height of #MeToo and #TimesUp for doing that. I’ll even go one step farther by using a #SpeakingOut example because the victim in that sex tape was a year younger than Emilia “Millie” McKenzie was when she was abused by Travis Banks, but the now-former NXT UK employee got canceled and not Rob Lowe. Let that sink in for a second. This happened decades prior to the House of Mouse making their Lion King spin-off for Disney Junior and nobody was making a fuss about someone sleeping with a minor playing a famous protagonist for a show aimed at a preschool/early elementary demographic! Wow! All these parents, babysitters, and teachers of young children must be EXCELLENT in their roles, right (yes, I’m being brutally sarcastic)? Those same people who wouldn’t dare let a pedophile near their kids are the same ones who are totally fine with Rob Lowe playing Simba even though he would’ve been hit with statutory rape charges had this been in another state. And people tell me that The Lion King franchise, let alone Disney is innocent. HA! I would love to see Disney fans do mental gymnastics to defend that example.

With the Rob Lowe situation, that’s something that I knew about for at least a couple of years now when I did research in that Top 7 list. When it comes to Matthew Broderick, I didn’t know this little blight in his life until earlier this year. Once I found out, I did get sad before realizing how I can use this information. The question is: Was I willing to drop a truth bomb about this actor on this blog or possibly weaponize this fact on certain Disney fans who make a million excuses for The Lion King? In the words of the other character from that franchise that I had an entry for in a different list, all I have to say is PRECISELY…

Be honest, you read that word in that character’s voice and most likely pictured me saying this with a sadistic grin while doing so. Anyway, let’s get to it. In 1987, Broderick vacationed in Northern Ireland alongside Ferris Bueller’s Day Off co-star Jennifer Grey (Jeanie Bueller, for those scoring at home). Both of them were dating at the time (try not to think of the fact their respective characters were siblings) and they rented a car in Enniskillen. Broderick drove around and crossed into the wrong lane which killed Margaret Doherty and Anna Gallagher who was in the other car. The actors were also injured and Grey faced long-lasting injuries to her spine which affected her body even in recent times. Broderick doesn’t remember what happened that day and when he was in court, his potential punishment was facing five years in jail for reckless driving. Did he get prison time for killing two people? NOPE! His punishment was only $175 in fines. That’s $87.50 per person killed on the road if you literally do the math. People have gotten traffic tickets just as costly or more, yet never hurt or killed anyone while driving. You’re probably thinking “What does this have to do with Simba?”. Well, I’ll tell you why and it involves the relationship between Doherty and Gallagher. These women weren’t friends or co-workers, they were mother and daughter respectively. Let me explain this in a way Lion King fans will understand: Simba in real life succeded in something that Scar only halfway accomplished in his goals. He killed a parent AND their (adult) child! Deep it, everyone! The hero lion prince who has to avenge the death of his parent is played by someone who killed a parent and her daughter while his fratricidal uncle’s actor’s (Jeremy Irons) worst crime is the fact that he voiced the biggest rip-off Disney character ever. To use a famous paraphrase of a Michael Scott quote from The Office: Oh, how the turns have tabled! Freaking A, Matthew Broderick has a higher body count than OJ Simpson, if you really think about it. You certainly won’t be looking at that “It was an accident” line the same way again when you watch the first movie. If I knew about this fact, I might have been malicious to Disney fans just with all the unsavory things I learned or realized about The Lion King. I know that some Lion King fans make justifications or are apathetic about things like the plagiarism scandals associated with this franchise (the Mbube/The Lion Sleeps Tonight case, the “Spirit” music video of the remake, and the Kimba controversy), the cultural appropriation of the “Hakuna Matata” trademark, Mufasa’s hypocrisy with the Elephant Graveyard in regard to the Circle of Life speech, or the racist implications of the hyenas, but this example will hurt because the victims could pass as most fans’ family members if I try not to say the quiet part out loud. Let’s say that I seriously doubt Donald Glover would get the same treatment if he was in that situation. To make matters worse, Matthew Broderick even showed up in a Honda Super Bowl ad in 2012 which rightfully ticked off the victim’s family members. Wait, so does Broderick’s vehicular crime makes the whole Lion King franchise even more hypocritical in hindsight? I’d say so. It’s like Matthew Broderick had selective remorse at best for killing two people in a car collision since he played Simba 7 years after the fact and he knew that the death of a parent would be a major plot point since he thought he was going to be the American version of Kimba when he signed on. Disney probably didn’t care and this must have been some psychological stimulation for Broderick literally playing the good guy in this situation to feel better about what he did. What? I’m allowed to judge others since I’ve been judged and misjudged for MY words or actions. That’s my speculation on the matter.

So, is this your king? What’s YOUR excuse, justification, or defense for knowing this fact now about Simba’s voice actors? Also, if any Kimba cast member or Solomon Linda’s family did the same thing, you all would be howling on the internet about it. I do find it interesting how most of these celebrity crime articles never mention the fact that Matthew Broderick was in The Lion King. Just saying!

1: Asia Argento
Role: Sarah from The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

If I can use a little bit of humor before I rip this actress/director apart, I will say this. No, I wasn’t going to put my previous entry in the #1 spot. Also, to all the anime fans out there, this has nothing to do with a High School DxD character who happens to have the same name. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m going to chastise the ever-loving crap out of this harpy.

I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of Asia Argento (her first name is pronounced AH-she-ah) unless you know about the international or indie film scene, but allow me to educate you about her. Argento is a 2nd generation Italian filmmaker and actress who is the daughter of director Dario Argento. Most of the movies that she starred in have been in international circles, but she’s had blips of mainstream attention with XXX and Land of the Dead to name a few. Outside of her film work, she did get some attention for being one of the proponents of the #MeToo movement since she was one of the accusers of Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein. Argento was very outspoken about taking down Weinstein (who can blame her or anyone?) and other men who did predatory things in the movie industry. In isolation, this was a brave act, but you know what they say about glass houses or pots introduced to kettles, right? Before the #MeToo movement hit, she was one of several filmmakers who petitioned to get Roman Polanski un-banned in America in 2009 even though she regretted it given the well-known fact of him raping a 14-year-old girl in the 70s. That was actually the least offensive thing about her selective outrage towards scumbags in the movie industry. While she was cheerleading against these predators, it was revealed that Asia Argento slept with former child actor Jimmy Bennett when he was only 17 back in 2013 and her late husband Anthony Bourdain paid him hush money in a settlement. She is 20 years his senior and Bennett is younger than Justin Beiber to put this in perspective. Here’s an uncomfortable truth for all the #MeToo feminists out there: Yes, women can be pedophiles let alone capable of committing sex crimes, too!

This ties into Argento’s 2nd directorial work that starred her and Bennett called The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things where her character Sarah is the mother of Jeremiah (note the Bible reference in the movie’s title) who was played by her victim when he was only 7 at the time. To say the Sarah character is irresponsible as a mother would be an understatement. She’s a meth junkie, alcoholic, and makes her young son cross-dress as a girl to pretend he’s her little sister in different situations. That’s saying nothing about Marilyn Manson’s role in the story given recent accusations [shudders]. Going back to Argento’s crime, she took the teenage Jimmy Bennett to a hotel in California and gave him alcohol before having sex with him. So he was underage and made him get boozed up? That is DOUBLY non-consensual! She denied having that kind of relationship, but her texts surfaced where she admitted to her fornication and there was a picture of her topless on Bennett’s bed during this investigation. This is disgusting. If Asia Argento was a man, you know she’d be canceled and arrested for raping a minor! If she was innocent, then why would her famous chef husband pay Bennett settlement money before he committed suicide? She also had some nerve by saying her victim was being aggressive to her even though it was proven false. The hypocrisy of the #MeToo crowd arose when Rose McGowan said that people should “be gentle” with her. So much for believing victims, yeah? Oh wait, I guess males are NEVER victims in their eyes even if they are legitimately assaulted.

Much like how a documentary such as Preying Missionaries proved me right with how these same activists of convenience don’t care about Black children being raped, abused, and murdered under a white criminal’s watch, any story about a female predator makes them all silent when a man would never get the benefit of the doubt if they were in the same situation. I get furious hearing these stories because I have known about abusive females in real life and I absolutely despise the blatant double standards with how abuse is treated when it comes to the perpetrators and victims. It doesn’t even have to be sexual assault or pedophilia. I saw people (including a female blogger I won’t mention here) who defended Amber Heard and will still watch Aquaman even though she’s an admitted domestic abuser of Johnny Depp. Shoot, Hope Solo never lost her Nike deal and is a soccer hall of famer even though she assaulted her own family members and recently got hit with a DWI WITH HER KIDS IN THE CAR! It’s mind-numbing seeing these predatory women get a carte blanche for doing these things. How bad is it that a man is more likely to be demonized and punished for raising his voice at someone than a woman sleeping around with minors in this society? I do believe in real victims, so don’t misinterpret what I’m trying to say. The thing is victims and perpetrators can be of any gender. I can’t stand how people will laud assailants and demonize victims if it doesn’t fit their agenda. If you bash any man who’s been accused of horrible things whether they did it or not but turn a blind eye to Asia Argento, you don’t give a crap about sexual assault or pedophilia. I have to be blunt on this issue because I see so many people get selectively angry when it comes to race and gender with these serious crimes.

I’m glad she lost her X-Factor Italy job, but she still has a career even if she’s not acting as much these days. Not many people would be given that much grace. Asia Argento, you’re no better than Harvey Weinstein. You just got a slap on the wrist even if you assaulted fewer people than that devil. All you hypocritical scumbags can get out of here.

So that was my first angry list of the year. What are your thoughts? Can you think of other examples of real-life crimes ruining your perception of the characters they portrayed? Hopefully, I wasn’t too abrasive in this post despite ranting a lot.

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