Duality of a Critic (A Personal Post About Iridium Eye and Myself)

I usually don’t post on Thursdays or post anything outside of Top 7 lists or reviews (which I haven’t done since late April), but I need to get something off my chest. I was recently confronted about some facts and opinions I shared on my blog. After dwelling on it for a few days, I started to think about myself as a critic and how I use my blog. I wanted to do some positive things with these various anime and film reviews when started this thing back in 2017, but there are some morose undertones I tried to keep hidden. There’s a saying that goes something like “Your greatest strengths can be your greatest curses.”, and I do believe there’s truth to it. Relax, I’m not going to brag about myself especially since I rarely say positive things about myself anyway.

I won’t be making this post too long, so I’ll break it down with some points.

-Showcasing obscure movies and series

Positive: I really want people to check out lesser-known works from all over the world. It gives me joy when people watch something after reading my reviews and they enjoy it when I have positive things to say. I don’t want to have a boring blog by only having Hollywood movies, so any title I bring up could be intriguing to an unsuspecting viewer.

Negative: This is a way to shield me from being insulted for what I like. People rip apart so many things online all the time like one isn’t allowed to like things at all. If I like something obscure, then no one can chat crap to me if they haven’t watched it. This also applies to my interest in lesser-known music, books, and other subjects.

-Bringing up severe issues whether in real life or used in a fictional context (Protagonist centered morality is one example for the latter)

Positive: It allows my readers to be aware of certain issues as to why something is wrong. I’m no moral guardian, but I want viewers to do their best to be informed whether they watch a documentary, a narrative film, or a series. I’m also talking about myself because I’m still learning when it comes to various subjects.

Negative: I also do this to judge others because I’ve been judged whether I did something wrong or not. This is me treating others the way I’ve been treated if I have to, especially with people or fictional characters who get away with wrong things I know I would never get away with if I ever did the same thing.

-Caring about originality

Positive: It’s a quality that I care about. I think it’s great when I see a movie or series that does something truly unique, uses a new concept for a story that’s never been done before, or at the very least use something with a different angle. Of course, I do confess that I often give props to Hikaru no Go and Haibane Renmei a lot when I talk about how original they are. Hahaha! 😛

Negative: I have bad memories of people accusing me of liking ripoffs, and I’m sure you remember my story of an ex-friend giving me crap for liking La Dispute for biting mewithoutYou’s style even though I liked both bands. That has bothered me for years and I never got rhetorical revenge on him for those comments or for other things. That’s one example of why I get very angry when I see people ripping off things or defending people who do when I never got that excuse for being a La Dispute fan back then. It’s like it’s only bad when I like something that’s supposedly “unoriginal” when others don’t get verbally slated in the same situations. This is my way of indirect verbal vengeance against that former friend or others and doing the same thing to others what was done unto me if I can back it up. However, I don’t call EVERYTHING a knock-off.

-Calling out (fandom) hypocrisy

Positive: I want various fandoms to do better.

Negative: I see this as a way to get carte blanche to trash various series, movies, and fandoms if I find something wrong or when they have clear double standards going on compared to other similar things. Of course, Disney has been my biggest target for me to flog because I don’t see enough criticism against that company or its IPs. Also, some of you have noticed my comments of saying things like “If this was made by [insert creator or company here], you’d eat this up!”, “If this came out after [insert movie or series here], you’d call this a cheap rip-off.”, or “Would this [person, series, company] get the same treatment if they did the same as this other [person, series, or company] doing something terrible?”. After being judged my whole life, I feel like I’ve earned the right to judge others’ hypocrisy whenever I have to since I’ve been subjected to so many double standards that no one else gets (at least the ones I’ve seen). I’m even willing to cut ties with things I used to like if I find out something bad. For example, Rurouni Kenshin was a huge one for me when I found out about the creator’s crimes and how softly he was treated.

Those are just a few examples among many and this could be something I could expand upon down the road. I usually don’t get that personal with the exception of my Top 7 lists with no images or the occasional review where I do bring up personal experiences that could be relevant to the film (usually when it involves racism given my heritage and life experiences). It’s still going to be a while before I have reviews again, but I do have some films and a series planned.


  1. Oh my goodness, yes… so much of this post rings true…

    As someone who writes about the subject of fandom directly, and a fair bit, I find your point about “Calling out (fandom) hypocrisy” to be a very good example of how we can (and often do) cannibalize each other. I try to be fair, but fairness means taking notice of crucial matters as well. Oftentimes those that are loudly outspoken in fandom swing in two ways. Toxic positivism, or toxic vitriol towards the series in question.

    We can love a series while still understanding the flaws of the series, its creators, and even the fact that certain shows won’t appeal to everyone. I absolutely love “I My Me, Strawberry Eggs” but that show has massive issues too… I’d be remiss to ignore that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading this post. I had to get this off my chest when I did so despite not posting on here often.

      I hear you right there. Fandoms have good people, but the toxicity that ebb and flow despenign on the circumstances and the internet has only increased those waves. I do my best to be consistent as I can. Toxic positivism is something that should be called out more. Toxic vitriol is definitely more common, and to be honest, I think I could be guilty of that when it comes to many Disney works (especially with a certain 90s franchise I used to be a fan of during my childhood after getting massively disillusioned).

      Exactly and I do my best to mention flaws even with the things I rank 9 or 10/10. Some of the stuff I like may not be for everyone. It does frustrate me when fans pretend the problems don’t exist or it’s somehow critic-proof when there are legitimate reasons to bring up the shortcomings. I haven’t seen Strawberry Eggs, but I have heard of that series. One example for me would be Shinesman. I will defend the dub and it’s hilarity, but I know that parody OVA isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t animate everything from the original manga.


    • Thanks for the reblog. It’s very kind of you. I wrote this when I was a bit frustrated after being confronted by another blogger (I have nothing against this person, by the way) about something I recently said, but it’s good that you see where I’m coming from. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m some paragon of morality since I wondered about any dualistic intentions with how I write or what I post.


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