Review Guidelines

Welcome to Iridium Eye Reviews!

This is a blog where I review certain types of films. My emphasis is on foreign films, independent cinema, and anime. Most of the stuff I review isn’t very mainstream. If you’re looking for some Hollywood blockbuster or Oscar bait films, then you’re in the wrong place. Okay, I didn’t mean to sound like a hipster. Haha! Pardon me.

I try to have a bit of fun with my reviews by doing things like mentioning some fun facts before the review proper or use a couple of deadpan jokes. Now, these reviews are just my opinion regardless of facts I may bring up. I have an Adjustable Point System at the end of the reviews because I know people have different tastes than me. For example, if you like certain genres or creator more than me, then feel free to add a point or two. Maybe if you don’t like slower-paced movies, you can subtract a point or two, so on and so forth.

I do hope you read my reviews and discover some movies and series that you may otherwise haven’t heard of. I’m just trying to be honest and objective as I critique this art form.

Also, please support these filmmakers. If you can buy DVDs, Blu-Rays or even digital formats, then do it to support these auteurs.

Thank you.