Top 7 Lists

Anime for the Art House Crowd
Anime Theme Songs from Series I’m Not a Fan Of
Bizarre Facts about Iridium Eye as of 2019
Characters that Fans Are Reluctant to Call Blatant Ripoffs
Countries I Want to See in Fantasy and Sci-Fi From
Disney Double Standards
Documentaries that Shatter Stereotypes
Frustrations I Have With Fandoms or Trying to Be Part of One
Movies and Series that Got Sabotaged and/or Banned for Stupid Reasons
Musicians Who Should Score Movies
Non-Actors Who Should Try Acting
People In the Indie BritWres Scene Who Should Get Their Own Documentaries
Positive Reviews That Didn’t Get Much Attention
Random Facts About Me as a Film Aficionado and Critic
Reasons Why Writing Reviews Is Cathartic for Me
Strengths of Iridium Eye as a Blog
Struggles and Regrets I Have As Someone Who Appreciates Film
Things I Want to See In a Documentary
Things You Didn’t Know About Hikaru no Go
Things You Didn’t Know about Ousmane Sembene
Things You Didn’t Know About Yoshitoshi ABe
Thoughts on Being a Melanated Film and Anime Critic
Underrated Anime Villains
Underrated Theme Songs Involving Titles or Character References In the Lyrics
Ways to Make Your Top List Articles Stand Out
Wishes I Have for Movies, TV, and Anime to be Racially Progressive