Top 7 Lists

Animated Works that Surprisingly Pass the Deggans Rule
Anime for the Art House Crowd
Anime That Discotek Should Rescue
Anime Theme Songs from Series I’m Not a Fan Of
Bizarre Facts about Iridium Eye as of 2019
Casting Choices that Will Destroy Your Perceptions of Certain Characters (That Are Not Obvious)
Characters that Fans Are Reluctant to Call Blatant Ripoffs
Concerns I Have as a Film Critic and as a Fan
Countries I Want to See in Fantasy and Sci-Fi From
Disney Double Standards
Documentaries that Shatter Stereotypes
Frustrations I Have With Fandoms or Trying to Be Part of One
Lesser-Known Black Historical Figures Who Should Get Their Own Documentaries
Low-Key Innovative Movies and Series
Movie Soundtrack Songs More Popular than the Movies they Were Written For
Movies and Series that Got Sabotaged and/or Banned for Stupid Reasons
Musicians Who Should Score Movies
Non-Actors Who Should Try Acting
People In the Indie BritWres Scene Who Should Get Their Own Documentaries
Positive Reviews That Didn’t Get Much Attention
Random Facts About Characters That You Can’t Unsee
Random Facts About Me as a Film Aficionado and Critic
Real Life People Who Could Have Fascinating Animated Series About Them
Reasons Why Writing Reviews Is Cathartic for Me
Strengths of Iridium Eye as a Blog
Struggles and Regrets I Have As Someone Who Appreciates Film
Things I Feel I Need to Work On at Iridium Eye
Things I Want to See In a Documentary
Things I’ve Learned as a Critic Since Starting Iridium Eye
Things You Didn’t Know About Hikaru no Go
Things You Didn’t Know About Ousmane Sembene
Things You Didn’t Know About Satoshi Kon
Things You Didn’t Know About Yoshitoshi ABe
Thoughts on Being a Melanated Film and Anime Critic
Underrated Anime Villains
Underrated Instrumental Anime Theme Songs
Underrated Songs from Western Animated Movies and Series
Underrated Theme Songs Involving Titles or Character References In the Lyrics
Ways to Make Your Top List Articles Stand Out
Wishes I Have for Movies, TV, and Anime to be Racially Progressive